Kula Project


Things like coffee have become the inevitable part of our lives hence we barely think beyond its wonderful flavour and pretty packaging. Well Kula project does, and not only think but more importantly act. We had the pleasure to ask Sarah Buchanan-Sasson, the Founder and Director of Kula Project, about her vision in terms of coffee farms in Rwanda - the beginnings, projects and future goals. In case you were not familiar with them, on May 12, 2012, James and Sarah Sasson founded Kula Project. They began with the belief that communities in need must be involved in the problem solving process, and while they set out to do just that, the first two years brought many failures and lessons learned. It wasn’t until January of 2014 that they began to find their footing. Sarah and James spent a month in Rwanda listening and learning, and immediately knew that Rwanda was the place they were supposed to be. So they completed their current projects, and focused all of their efforts on the beautiful country in the heart of Africa. Since then, Kula has worked solely in Rwanda alongside the most remarkable woman and men who are doing everything in their power to create a life of peace and prosperity for their children. Read on!


The lore of Chicago: Meet Mandy Lancia

United States

Let's start the New Year by introducing a very special ambassador of ours, Mandy Lancia. Based in Chicago, Mandy has combined her love of small business, female creatives, design, and collaboration to form The Glossary. Her hope is that The Glossary will grow into a platform where every creative woman can come to learn something new, find inspiration, discover other women and their creative endeavors, and ultimately, make new relationships through online communication and in-person meetings. We admire not only her wonderful Chicago guide and Instagram imagery but her business as well. Read on to get to know more about her home, The Glossary and Mandy's current passion.

interviewlos angeles

LA stories: Canyon Coffee

United States

For us Canyon Coffee is a real lovestory itself. Ally Walsh and Casey Wojtalewicz met in Beachwood Canyon in 2013. As their relationship grew, so did their love for coffee. Visiting beautiful coffee shops became a key highlight of their travels, and making better and better cups for each other at home became their treasured ritual—especially after spending weeks or months away from each other for their respective careers. Casey started working in the coffee industry in 2015, and was lucky enough to work at two of his favorite coffee shops in LA: Bar Nine (Culver City) and Menotti's (Venice). Working side-by-side with people whose passion and determination have set the bar for coffee in LA was inspiring, to say the least. It wasn't long after diving into the world that they had the idea: why not create their own coffee? Meet the wonderful couple behind LA's very own Canyon Coffee.

interviewphotographysalt lake

The Lore of Salt Lake City: Meet Evelyn Eslava

United States

We truly feel blessed with our ambassadors; they are not only wonderful personalities but as well all and sundry are creative people who keep inspiring us. Please meet our newest ambassador, Evelyn Eslava who happened to be a photographer with tremendous love towards nature, speciality coffee, and to her home; Salt Lake, of course. If you wish to explore the city like a local, follow her journey through the best new wave coffee houses, hip restaurants and blend in the city like you were home. Salt Lake is an ideal location for your next vacation whether you are up for skiing, visiting museums or enjoying a dynamic nightlife. But until your visit, let yourself indulge in Evelyn's words and breathtaking imagery of happy places. Read on to explore the lore of Salt Lake City with Evelyn Eslava.

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Interview with Chloé Nègre


Founded in Paris in 2014, the Chloé Nègre Studio was born from a desire to create a research space for interior design projects, furniture creation and scenography. The studio’s mission is to invent spaces and identities unlike anywhere else. No conforming. No repetitions.While intuition leads to that first creative impulse, providing a vision of a space, the studio’s subsequent intervention process is to rigorously organise. The studio's recent project the Hotel Bienvenue (which is the hotel we are staying at the very moment so stay tuned, review is coming soon) is the work of Chloé Nègre, a former interior designer of the India Mahdavi Studio. We've talked about Paris, her dream project and much more. Read her inspiring thoughts and start planning our Parisian getaway.


ricardo bofill


Ricardo Bofill is one of the world’s leading architects – who happened to live and work in the most striking "office"; the former cement factory outside Barcelona called La Fábrica. Cosmopolitan by definition, Ricardo Bofill returns always to the factory, that old industrial building that he never ceases to renew for the past fourty years, enlarging and embellishing its spaces as writing the history of his life, a biography in constant evolution. “The factory is a magic place which strange atmosphere is difficult to be perceived by a profane eye. I like the life to be perfectly programmed here, ritualised, in total contrast with my turbulent nomad life”. It is an unusual yet fascinating fusion of cement and nature. Bofill is probably best known for his social housing projects, but also for iconic constructions like La Muralla Roja, the W Hotel or Barcelona Airport Terminal 1. Read our short interview with one of our favourite visionary in the world; Ricardo Bofill.


The best of Oslo: Brugata Landhandleri


Brugata Landhandleri is fresh and unique concept in Oslo; it unites a café, a cocktail bar, gourmet wholesale store in a rather pretty setting! In this place there is something for everyone no matter if you are a local or a tourist. We sat down with the owners, and one of the coolest baristas in town, Alex Monsen, to tell us more about Oslo, their new-wave coffee scene and the story of Oslo's newest gem; Brugata Landhandleri.


Oslo Cold Brew


Oslo is not often associated with coffee and definitely not with cold brew but we sat the with the guys, Kristian and Rory, who happened to wish changing it. Rory has recently become the Norwegian barista champion and they thought that the timing is just great to use the success of the competition to launch Oslo Cold Brew. Oslo Cold Brew is producing high quality cold brewed coffee and tea for the Norwegian market. We discussed the current state of the Norwegian coffee scene in the iconic culture hub of the city; Kulturhuset. Read on!


Le Camondo


A new Parisian address on the border of the 8th and 17th arrondissements, LE CAMONDO has opened its doors within the eponymous museum, just next to Parc Monceau. Upon entering, a large bar acts as the central element of the space, like a huge dining table inviting guests to share some time together. As if it were suspended in time, this former parking garage of the hôtel particulier has retained its coffered ceiling and metallic columns that make up the structure of the space. It also opens onto a paved courtyard that’s protected from external noise, just like a secret garden. Perfect for lunches and dinners on beautiful sunny days. This warm and inviting space boasts a cosy atmosphere featuring an interior design that mixes styles and materials with the spirit of an elegant conservatory, echoing the feeling of a private club. We sat down with the director, Aret BulBul to talk about moving to Paris, the French cuisine and his future plans.


Interview with Emmanuelle Simon


On the occassion of Maison & Objet we are flying to Paris in search of interior heaven. But already before taking off, we've fallen in love with the Paris-based designer, Emmanuelle Simon's Rakù-Yaki Cabinet Bar. And it turned out that she's a lot more to showcase. We've found Simon's project called La Chambre sur l'Eau' Bedroom, which she completed during the famed 'Design Parade', held annually by Villa Noailles in Hyères and Toulon located in the South of France. Emmanuelle not only has the eye for the right balance of being artsy yet standing with two feet on the ground, but an extremely sharp eye for detail. Set in a natural palette, one can easily pay attention to all the delicate details used for turning an empty space into a much coveted bedroom that would one spend a lifetime in. She's by the way got the city of Toulon Public Prize. Read her thoughts on being an interior designer, about the art of minimalism and Paris; the most inspiring city one can live in.

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The lore of San Francisco: Meet Justin C. Blomgren

United States

There are so many things to love about San Francisco; everywhere you go there is a scenic vista of the skyline and the bay. Additionally, the city has some of the most beautiful parks, and it is where the city gathers as a community on those sunny days. Meet our local guide, Justin C. Blomgren who’s a California native with tremendous amount of love and talent for photography, always carrying his smile. Read on!


The lore of Orlando: Meet Sydney Norberg

United States

We are happy to introduce our local guide, Sydney Norberg, who’s a super cool (and super young) wedding & portrait photographer based in Orlando, Florida. She’s happy to call her passion, her profession in the “City Beautiful”. Enjoy her beautiful imagery of wonderful people and the amazing beach backdrops while reading her story. If you are curious for more, check out our local guide, Sydney is showing us around her favourite places.

vicky lsl2

The lore of Vienna: Meet Vicky Heiler


“Eating is always done at a large table with the whole family and many friends” — is the philosophy behind NENI where we caught up with Vicky Heiler for a quick but rather delicious lunch in-between two meetings. We’ve just got to know the whole story about the cool brothers and their mom running this culinary gem of Naschmarkt along with Nomade Moderne, the bespoke hat brand, which is Vicky’s favourite in Vienna. We are happy to introduce you our Vienna ambassador, who already took us to amazing places. She’s full of ideas what else we should see in our very tight 12-hours-stay in Vienna. She’s — just as much of a real local — a real traveler too, who’s been craving such guide as Local’s Lore for a long time.


the birth of local's lore: meet kiss miklos, the visual artist


Imagine that we are sitting around a huge virtual table (you, us, your friends, your family). It’s an international group of people that share travel stories over a good cup of coffee. You tell me about New York and I tell you about Riga, because that’s the place I call home despite being a digital nomad. So I busy take notes on the suggested galleries, third wave cafes, hidden take-away spots because I’m going to New York in two months. If your imagination is vivid, it’s exactly what happens when you enter the world of Local’s Lore. And we even placed these locations on the map for you. Thank to Miklos Kiss, Local’s Lore is not only functional but visually pleasing. Read the story behind it’s pretty interface.


The lore of Copenhagen: Meet Bee


Meet Bee, the full time dreamer and a real Copenhagener who’s cycling from one location to the other in her laid-back outfit, always carrying her camera. We met her at one of her number one spots called Cantina and talked about Scandinavian living. Read on and book your flight tickets right away to Kinfolk-land.

interviewnew york

The Lore of New York: Meet Melis

United States

Few months after spotting Melis Lin’s Instagram page we’ve found ourselves sitting in the Oficina NYC, soho New York, talking about: traveling, cosmopolitan lifestyle, New York, coffee, and tales about Melis’ international life. Turned out that Melis has a lore to tell and quite a list of recommendations to share when it comes to hang out in New York.