Happy Holidays from Local's Lore!


What a year it has been... For many of us, 2020 was supposed to be a year to be awaiting and achieving great things with our hearts wild open and filled with plans, aspirations and hopes.  Yet it turned out quite differently which no-one has foreseen.  If there is one thing we all have learnt this year is that we will never ever take anything for granted again; not traveling or our own and our loved ones’ health, nor family gatherings or our daily cup of coffee at our favourite local coffee shop. And hence we have learnt another level of appreciation towards the small things in life.  Along with gratitude in our hearts, we are keen to celebrate occasions like Christmas even if it will look slightly different this year. Whether we will be able to reunite with our friends and family as usual or not, we are seeking for different ways to celebrate on Zoom or outdoors whether the feeling of togetherness is physical or not. In the midst of all the sadness and uncertainty in the world we shall embrace the things that nourish our mind, body and soul especially in the festive season. Amongst these things we have found the act of gentle kindness, cherishing memories and human connections but also nature.