Enter The Loft


After quarantining for months, no matter how big or small, yet our living spaces - our homes, have become inevitably a forefront topic. While searching for inspiration we've stumbled upon The Loft - Amsterdam's beloved interior design agency. The Loft prides with one single passion; seeing spaces work their magic on people. They bring spaces to life by decorating them with all their favourite finds in the field of furniture, arts, accessories and curiosa. Their passionate team searches the globe for the most talented artists and craftsmen and bring you their finest creations. They create atmospheres where people feel comfortable and at home,  by combining natural materials with soft colours and characteristic furnishing with inspiring accessories. We've talked about Amsterdam, future dreams and their latest residential project which is impossible not to fall in love with; The Dune House. Read on for Sara's and Floris' recommendations in Amsterdam and beyond that are close to their hearts.


Insider’s City Guide to Thessaloniki & Beyond


The museums of Thessaloniki are a great opportunity to take a peek into the city’s long and rich history. For the classics, visit the Museum of Byzantine Culture, the White Tower or the Roman Agora of Thessaloniki. For a look into the city’s art scene, visit the Municipal Art Gallery located in the preserved, Casa Bianca or MOMus - Thessaloniki Museum of Photography.

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Mother's Day Muse: Louisa Chalatashvili


To celebrate Mother's Day, we interviewed our long-time muse; Louisa Chalatashvili about motherhood, the most kid-friendly spots in Tbilisi, her most inspiring travels and her passion for photography. It’s no secret that Louisa is one of our favourite photographers and more than that; a real muse, a mother and our ambassador for Tbilisi. Formerly lawyer by profession, Louisa turned her passion, photography into her full-time job. What we find amazing in Louisa’s photography and her aesthetic approach is that the energy and vibe of the new-wave Georgia shines through. The way she plays with subtle tones, harmony and magical lights is impeccable. She’s showing the new face of Georgia and Tbilisi; hip hotspots, its breathtaking nature and the striving creative scene. On a personal note, Georgia is a country where you can experience the sea, mountains, and culture in one trip but also the kindest of people and a real gastronomic treat. Speaking of gastronomy, Louisa and her husband are running a super cool restaurant called Cafe Daphna that prides with homemade 100% organic Chacha and artisan Khinkali variations. Enjoy the virtual journey to Tbilisi with Louisa!


Life-Long Island Dreams with Vianca Soleil


Have you ever wondered what it is like to live on an untouched island; a place where you have your own secluded beach, palm trees in your garden and collecting seashells becomes your daily zen moment? We've asked Local's Lore muse and ambassador, Vianca Soleil about her life-long dream; calling Romblon her home. Vianca Soleil Roquero, the creative soul behind one of our favorite Instagram accounts, lives a true island life in Romblon, Philippines. We also talked about her current favorite project which is overseeing the construction of her home she designed, both in terms of architecture and interior. Yet it’s not only a home being built, but also a lifestyle. A lifestyle that is slow and humble filled with creativity and simple pleasures. A lifestyle worth living. PS the rumour has it that Vianca is soon turning her home into an authentic eco resort, so you may as well experience her lifestyle if you’re seeking for a true escape in the land of no crowds and no distractions but in the realm of untouched nature.


100 Ambassadors = 100% Pure Happiness

In the overwhelming mist of uncertainty sometimes the best things evolve; we have reached 100 ambassadors, which means, that 100 like-minded travelers have joined us to give on-hand authentic local insights in their cities all over the globe. We’re extremely moved, thankful, excited and high on euphoria. Since the very beginning, our ambassadors are the most inspiring collective of guides. All of them are local tastemakers in their own rights and have a unique view on their cities. From photographers, through designers, entrepreneurs, baristas and brand strategists joined our community to together support the notion of conscious and insightful traveling. They all are different yet have a lot in common. They most of all felt the desire to share a unique list of their favourite cafés, design hotels, local markets, hidden beaches and concept stores filled with handmade goods. Traveling has always been the common language we shared; now it’s the concept of #stayhome. Yet the power of community is stronger than ever. Due to the current situation we’re urged to revalue our preferences when it comes to traveling, and supporting local businesses will no longer be a trend or a buzzword but rather a movement; a mission. And our ambassadors took the lead on that...

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Mexico City's NR. 1. Destination for Design Lovers: Studio IMA


What does being driven mean to you? How would you describe someone passionate? We’d use two words; Bettina Kiehnle. Bettina is the superwoman behind the Mexico City based hybrid design & art space called Studio IMA. She dedicated herself to visiting millions of shops, showrooms, vintage markets, galleries, art and design fairs and museums; also buying magazines and books on design, architecture and art to study more on these topics in prior to launching IMA. “Where I went or traveled I looked for the best designer stores and visited and analyzed them, and that's how the IMA inspiration started.” After graduation she moved back to Mexico and rented an apartment to live, and in a few months this apartment also became IMA in August 2018. This is what IMA stands for “In My Apartment," because IMA is really in her apartment.


Antwerp Diaries with Ellen Wauters


For the Local's Lore community there is nothing new about our love towards the city of Antwerp, nor for design, secret hotspots and passionate like-minded superwomen, like Ellen Wauters. Let us introduce our latest local love-concept; Jackie Bohème and the visionary woman behind it. Jackie Bohème was founded by Ellen Wauters and tells her unique real estate story. She combines her intuitive and mindful power into real estate concepts that feel good and awake positive energy. You can engage in Jackie’s aesthetic adventure by booking a getaway in L’appartement Jackie, or by welcoming your guests for an event or stylish gathering in Maison Jackie. Both locations were curated by Jackie and her circle of designers who got to work their magic on the spaces. Want to add a little bit of Jackie to your everyday rituals? Then take a look at our Atelier Jackie webshop, a refined selection of items that embody the Jackie Bohème lifestyle. For your home, your wardrobe or on the go. Even if the "on the go" has to wait.


Keep Daydreaming with the Local's Lore APP

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If you were asked to recall the last travel memory that had the greatest effect on you, where would your thoughts take you? Who were you with? How would you describe your feelings? Just close your eyes, picture and embrace your surroundings. Share your memories with us and arrange them into guides with the Local's Lore APP. Don't forget to be grateful for such recollections! If there’s one thing we can do during quarantine time, is daydreaming about past memories and future realities. Even though we're not able to travel at the moment, we encourage you to put together your past or future dream journeys with the Local's Lore APP. It's absolutely free and it's made with 100% love. We’d also like to challenge you to support small local enterprises such as your favourite café, bakery or designer brand. As a gesture of your support and solidarity you may look around in your surroundings and buy from small scale grocery stores, web shops filled with locally produced goods, but you can also purchase gift cards and don’t ask for money back if your most awaited theatre play gets cancelled. Don't forget to fill your guides with your beloved hotspots, because once the storm is over, it will be the greatest inspiration to all of us. We will as well keep sharing local recommendations in order to keep supporting small businesses so you can include them in your future travel bucket list. Let’s keep taking care of each other, especially of the ones in need whether it’s on an individual or a small enterprise level. By sharing dreamy travel destinations and soulful stories from our community we also wish to inspire you to keep the positive mindset.


Musings: Interview with Monica Steffensen


We're really excited to present you our interview with Monica Steffensen, Copenhagen-based photographer, writer and storyteller - happened to be our muse as well. Having travelled extensively as former full-time travel writer, and previously residing in both Paris and London, Monica is used to composing and bringing together written and visual content from near and far. Capturing spaces, moods and people, Monica is specialized in composing and bringing together written and visual content. Well, we are passionate about her work and excited to try and test her Copenhagen guide once the lockdown is over.  Happy daydreaming and we encourage you to embrace the Danish hygge while staying at home.


We are all in this together!


Here, at Local’s Lore we have always felt the most moved when seeing you guys shaping into a community of like-minded travelers. Every time you download our APP, create a city guide, share your hidden spots with your loved ones or use the hashtag #localslore, our hearts beat faster. Under the current circumstances, us, as a community should take care of each other. Let's cherish our memories of traveling for now, slow down and realise the joy of remembering the past explorations. You can organize your photos on your phone, fill up your maps with your kindest places and keep it for the future.  Despite this current situation in the travel industry, we’ve decided to keep inspiring you and spread some love and light during these times via Instagram and our lore section. There will be time after the COVID-19, when we will be able (and thrilled) to explore places again. We’ll keep sharing local hotspots in order to inspire you but more importantly to keep supporting small businesses. Staying in and slowing down allows us for a more conscious travel planning and leaning towards to a more conscious lifestyle. It’s also very important not to give up your hopes and dreams to see the world and reunite with your soulmates all over the globe soon. Either it means being up in the sky again seeking for new adventures or actually deciding on taking the train instead when applicable in order to reduce your ecological footprint. We encourage you to stay in, reflect, help the ones in need and take a conscious approach when it comes to traveling in the future. We’re sharing three keywords we shall all keep in mind.