Grand Hôtel Wiesler


Have you ever thought about enjoying the cityscape while taking a hot bath? Look no further than Graz's very own Grand Hôtel Wiesler, where you can enjoy both at the same time! Laid-back elegance, unconventional luxury (just think of the freestanding bathtub) and a cosmopolitan flair are just some of the impressions that best describe our stay at the The Weitzer Welt’s hip hotel; Grand Hôtel Wiesler. The Grand Hôtel Wiesler is situated in a privileged location in a hip and dynamic area. Set in the heart of Graz, right by the River Mur, next to the Kunsthaus and an arm-sight away of the Schlossberg, it is surrounded by bars and shops of the young creative scene in the city. The Hotel welcomes digital nomads just as warmly as business travellers but also Falco, Mick Jagger and Arnold Schwarzenegger are just a few of the names on its impressive guest list. Impressive, right? Whether it’s winter, spring, summer or autumn, Graz is always a good idea thanks to it’s diversity. In every season Graz is the city to slow down whether you’re opting for sightseeing, the abundance of cultural programs or a revitalising hike nearby the city. UNESCO has declared Graz part of "Creative Cities," which means that the city now officially belongs to their international network of forward-looking places. Only a few other cities offer so much variety within such a small area contemporary architecture right next to medieval houses set in the midst of ancient alleys backdropped by mountains painted in the hues of epic sunsets. The Grand Hôtel Wiesler is no different; the hotel’s design juxtaposes hip and modern elements such as street art, bare walls with traditional and Art Nouveau details.


2020 Travel Wish List


Whether 2019 was your very favourite or least favourite year, it's official; it's a new day, a new year, a new decade. We wish you to travel well but travel consciously; let's take better care of our planet! Sustainability and climate change are no longer some kind of buzzwords, but call-to-actions. You — just like us — are a frequent traveler who has the ability to inspire but also to influence. Take the train when it’s possible, discover cities by foot or on the bike, visit cities beyond capitals, opt for local services in terms of gastronomy and shopping instead of franchises in order to support the local ecosystem and craftsmanship wherever you go. Let’s travel in the New Year, connect, reflect, get lost and write our journey in some beautiful places. We have so much more to discover in 2020! Here comes our 2020 wish list with some our lovely ambassadors’ recommendations. Looking forward to follow your journeys via the Local’s Lore APP.


Christmas Giveaway: Valletta Vintage


"Valletta Vintage is a collection of vintage and contemporary finds — properties & contents — which we curate with my husband, to offer an alternative to mainstream holiday accommodation. The collection grew from one small apartment to five, and soon to be ten apartments, each housed in buildings older than a hundred years and spread around the city of Valletta and its harbour." Read our interview with Hanna - our lovely Valletta ambassador who's also the superwoman behind Malta's number one design-hospitality concept; Valletta Vintage. Scroll down for a joint Christmas surprise and follow the @localslore Instagram page for updates! Happy Holidays and a well-travelled New Year!

Monumento al Campesino 01

Sweet Escape by Olga Mai: Lanzarote


Olga Mai is a young photographer and videomaker. Born in Ukraine and raised in Italy, she was lucky enough to live between two distinctly different cultures, stimulating her curiosity about the countless realities the world has to offer.  Her works born from the combination of her many passions, such as fashion, architecture, design and travel. She currently lives in Milan, but she makes sure, she's travelling well. Discover Lanzarote with Olga!

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Exploring Edinburgh with Juan

United Kingdom

Despite all the rain and unpredictable weather Edinburg is surely a precious gem when it comes to travel destinations. The city itself is super compact and all the pretty areas are walkable from wherever you are, so you never need to set out much time for exploring. "I'm constantly trying to find new angles in this city — Edinburgh is becoming pretty popular, especially on Instagram so every time I’m out, wandering around its streets, I would say my aim is to try and find a different perspective on such a photo-saturated city." If you were wondering where to get cosy, Juan's got an awesome collection of top new-wave cafés, brunch hotspots and for sure something new to show for the Instagram community. Discover Edinburg with Juan's Local's Lore guide.


Giveaway: Autor Rooms x Yanina


We have teamed up with our favourite Polish Ambassador, Yanina & Warsaw's coolest design hotel, Autor Rooms for a GIVEAWAY. Stay two nights with your loved one at  Autor Rooms - a unique designer place and get a glimpse of the authentic Warsaw with Yanina's Local's Lore guide. How to participate? 1. Download the Local's Lore APP and create your own city guide! 2. Follow @diaryofdays, @autor_rooms and @localslore. 3. Tag the person in the comment section you'd like to travel with and spend two wonderful nights at @autor_rooms. The winner will be announced on the 11th of November, 8pm CET via Yanina's Instagram stories. Best of luck! Xxx Yanina Magdalena from Autor Rooms Team Local's Lore


Around the Planet w/ PetersPlanet


It was one of those far-between days to find Péter Szűcs, our friend in Budapest, despite his globetrotter lifestyle to sit down for a coffee and talk about his recent travels from India through Belarus to the Maldives. Peter's history goes long back in traveling, so it's no surprise that  he dedicated an online platform called PetersPlanet to sharing travel experiences; stories of real off-the-grid places, local people and exciting cultural insiders. Peter is the kind of traveler who doesn't mind taking the road less travelled, on the contrary, he seeks for those. Hence PetersPlanet is for those who appreciate both quality and adventure; travellers, who tend to hunt places beyond maps and aiming for one-off destinations with their minds wide open. PetersPlanet offers an insight through genuine experience; a real dip in different cultures in order to truly experience one culture at its deepest and to live the locals’ life. It’s not only the location, but the attitude of the people, the noise of the city, the smell of rural areas, the flavour of the meal that contributes to a whole experience. This are the kind of hotspots Peter has collected you on his Local's Lore maps.


On the Road with The Local's Lore APP


Guys, we’ve just had our first road trip from Budapest via Vienna and Munich to Zürich with our newly launched Local’s Lore APP! It offers curated travel guides now in 90+ cities from up-and-coming cities to metropolises, with the help of local ambassadors worldwide, but allows you to create your very own guides; curate it and share it a way that fits you the best! We wish to give you the freedom to discover your own favorite places; to become the curator of your own guides and create maps in any of your favorite cities. With no speed limit in some stretches, the combination of top-notch driving experience in our brand new AUDI Q3 and stunning scenery, driving in this region will made us wish our road trip took longer. LOJEL luggages fully loaded, safety (both in terms of passengers, equipment and vehicle) boosted by Allianz’s travel insurance pack, Local’s Lore APP filled with guides recommended by locals but curated by us, hotels booked; Munich-Zürich, you’ve been dreamy!  Coming back to Munich is always a heart-warming experience; the kindest of people and the coolest of hotspots can be found if you’re willing to explore beyond its traditional cityscape and festive beverages. On the occasion of our trip to Munich we had a careful research on the city's hotspots. Thanks to our wonderful ambassador, Olga, we soon realised that the two days won't be enough to discover it fully, yet even a whole week would be tight. The Bavarian Capital is also rich in beautiful architecture blending the traditional and modern side by side, luxury cars, museums, and parks – one of which is larger than even New York’s Central Park. A new wave of gastronomy and bar scene as well as a stunning selection of hotels contributed to our journey.


Endless Summer: Top Swimwear Brands


To celebrate endless summer; the waves of the sea, outdoor BBQs, the three-months- heyday of tan and freckles, homemade ice creams and the warm, starry nights, we've collected our number one swimwear brands for you. It's also a note to self; summer never ends - all the good memories will remain as the heatwave fades. Secretly though, this is also an ode to our Vienna ambassador, Vicky Heiler who has just recently launched her very own brand; VIKTORIA LOUISE. VIKTORIA LOUISE creates beautifully crafted pieces for the well-travelled woman. The brand resonates Vicky’s personal style, defined by a mix of timeless basics and trend-inspired pieces. Her signature is in the lighthearted flair for finest materials, timeless fashion and simplicity. We've always been adoring Vicky's style but it goes far beyond her closet, it's her personality that shines even on the rainy days. In case you're still having holiday plans we can totally suggest to get your VIKTORIA LOUISE piece. Other favourites include brands like Cult Gaia, Matteau, Bondi Born and Jane Swim. While Cult Gaia's number one goal was to to curate a wardrobe full of magic, one that glows with each accessory. To create a lifestyle, that’s a visual feast, effortlessly. For Matteau, quality is the utmost priority. "We ensure our garments fit and perform exactly as they need to. We work in close partnership with our Australian manufacturers to maintain the high quality we expect of ourselves, and you have come to expect of us."


The Lore of Washington D.C.: Austin Rutland

United States

"When I moved to D.C., I was worried that I was going to constantly be surrounded by tourists. This is definitely true if I go to the National Mall or the other big tourist hotspots. But that is just a fraction of what D.C. has to offer. There are so many different neighborhoods in D.C., all with different cultures, communities, restaurants, etc. I love living in D.C. for its “all in one” structure as well. You can go downtown and get the urban vibe, go to more open and green spaces like one of the district’s many parks, or get a mixture of the two in the residential areas." - Meet Austin, our ambassador and your coolest guide in Washington D. C.. Austin is a 6 feet 6 inches guy of coffee addiction who will not only take you to the best coffee-slash- brunch spots, but will also show you around the residential area of the city as well share a few hints for the design-savy travelers. Read on to get to know him better and book your next trip to Washington D.C.!


Ambassador insights: Warsaw, Liverpool, Paris, Granada

United Kingdom

Thanks to Instyle Magazine, we dug deeper in four of our amazing ambassadors daily essentials when it comes to traveling, skincare or fashion. Anna, Ismael, Johnny and Yanina are sharing their favourite products as well as their guide to the cities' hotspots in Paris, Granada, Liverpool and Warsaw. We are lucky to have them! Our ambassadors are the most inspiring collective of guides. All of them are local tastemakers in their own rights and have a unique view on their cities. From photographers, through designers, entrepreneurs, baristas and brand strategists joined our community to together support the notion of conscious and insightful traveling. They all are different yet have a lot in common. They most of all feel the desire to share a unique list of lush spots which we'd like you to discover as well. Have a nice journey!


Atlantis By Giardino


Zürich is an architecture enthusiast’s dream - that’s a fact. Take for instance the architectural masterpiece of Santiago Calatrava, serves as the library of Zürich University’s Faculty of Law. Or the last work by the great architect, Le Corbusier, stands in a beautiful location on Lake Zürich. The building of the exquisite Atlantis by Giardino is no exception. Built between 1968 and 1970, Atlantis by Giardino is recognised as an important example of post-war Modernist architecture, with parts of its façade and a spiral staircase being listed. Situated in the realm of nature at the Uetliberg mountain, Atlantis by Giardino provides a real escape from the city within the city. Within and arm’s reach of Zürich’s center, you’ll be able to enjoy a slowed-down, tranquil countryside retreats just like we did a couple of weeks ago. The hotel strikes the perfect balance between a luxurious treat and a close-to-nature getaway. Not only the nature is astonishing, but you’ll have a spectacular view over the city from the top and the restaurants' terrace.  Four words sums up our experience the best; We will be back!


Le Méridien Munich


Returning to Munich is always a heart-warming experience; the kindest of people and the coolest of hotspots can be found if you’re willing to explore beyond its traditional cityscape and festive beverages. Staying at Le Méridien for the first time has now just been added to our heartfelt Munich experiences. The hotel occupies a central location in the heart of the Bavarian capital, directly opposite the main railway station. You can easily reach the city’s hip cafés, restaurants, museums and locally-loved hidden gems. Despite the business-like attribute, Le Méridien had not only stylish interior, both the lobby area and rooms were filled with art, while such details like fresh flowers, design-oriented books and the super attentive stuff made us almost forgot about business.


The Charles Hotel


Checking in at the The Rocco Forte-owned Charles Hotel in Munich felt not only pleasant but like the sweetest homecoming after an eight-hours-drive. Upon arriving and the fine details such as the fresh flower selection, welcoming staff and sculptures made by Gábor Török and The Library made it straight to our hearts. You’ll immediately find yourself amidst the lobby, restaurant and terrace overlooking the Old Botanical Garden that give a feeling of tranquillity and harmony in the middle of the busy Bavarian Capital. We quickly prepped for a delicious three-course dinner at the hotel’s cozy restaurant, Sophia’s. Read on to a real treat in the heart of Munich.

LocalsLore_EloiseJenkinsHERO (1)_ELOISE

Local's Lore App

United States

Welcome to Local’s Lore APP, your to go digital guide! With Local’s Lore you can create and curate you own city guides. You may get inspired by our local ambassadors’ insider gems, but you can also collect your favourite hotspots around the globe, add them to your own maps, arrange them into categories, pin your own images and share them with your beloved ones. Local’s Lore is not just a tool but an attitude; seeing things through locals’ eyes instead of settling with a tourist’s routine of seeing places. It’s about connecting – both with each other, cultures and physical places as well.


Local's Lore APP launch w/ Eloise Jenkins


For our APP launch we've teamed up with our favourite Australian creative soul, Eloise Jenkins for a set of collages. Hope you'll enjoy using the Local's Lore APP to the moon and back! Eloise Jenkins is a multidisciplinary freelance graphic designer working across a range of brands from her Studio based in Toowoon Bay NSW. Having graduated from Billy Blue with a degree in Visual Communication Eloise aims to bring design visions to life through multi media facets and a strong visual identity. Read on for insights to her effortless Australian lifestyle, her first affair with the Local's Lore APP, and her passion; making collages. The Local's Lore APP is available for both iOS and Android. Have a wonderful journey with us and enjoy Eloise's guide to some of Australia's hidden gems.


Giveaway: Local's Lore x Vicky Heiler x CoolRooms


On the occasion of the Local's Lore APP launch, we've teamed up with one of our most special ambassadors, Vicky Heiler, and Madrid's newest luxury hotel, CoolRooms Atocha for a joint GIVEAWAY. Since Vicky just came back from Madrid recently, she'd like you to experience the city though her eyes. Stay two nights with breakfast included with your loved one at the luxurious CoolRooms Atocha - Madrid's newest designer hotel gem, and follow Vicky's Local's Lore guide to discover Madrid! Wondering how to participate? Simply do as follows: 1. Create your own city guide with the Local's Lore APP available for both iOS and Android and plan your trip like Vicky does! 2. Follow @vickyheiler, @coolroomshotels and @localslore. 3. Tag the person in the comment section you'd like to travel with and spend two wonderful days at @coolroomshotels. The winner will be announced on the 24th of July, 8pm CET via Instagram story on Vicky's platform.  We wish you the best of luck!  xx Vicky & Local's Lore Team

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Lore of Warsaw: Yanina Trapachka


From design shops to 'breakfast' at 3pm, Poland's capital is abuzz with creativity. "Warsaw growing with the global trends. A lot of cool new places opening there. Museums, theatres, restaurants, cafes, stores and more. From the other hand, people understand the goals of life in this city, and they fell in love with this city again and again. " Follow one of our first and dearest ambassadors', Yanina's guide for the finest of the Polish capital's coffee, gastro and art scene and step into her world when in Warsaw!


D.A.T.E.: Discover Antwerp Through Experience


Antwerp is exactly the kind of city we're eager to discover; fresh, evolving, open and beyond creative. This is how it felt for the second time as well, thanks to its pioneering approach to tourism, wealth of contemporary culture and forward-thinking locals; approachable, progressive and sincere. We’re beyond lucky and honoured to join to D.A.T.E. (Discover Antwerp Through Experience) for the second time, for its 5th birthday edition along with twenty inspiring minds from the creative industry to contribute an ART BOOK within just four-days-time.   The city welcomed us as locals for the second time; as comeback travellers who want to immerse themselves in Antwerp's one-off creative and cultural scene and meet the city's very own talents and leave as friends. If you were wondering whether the city had anything new to offer, August Hotel in the PAKT area – just a doorstep from the two-Michelin-starred restaurant, The Jane made it straight to the top of our “stay” list. YUST – the city’s newest hub for creatives offers flexible housing, unique events, food, drinks and great services with a baseline of art and culture or the freshly opened Tim Van Laere Gallery housed in a raw concrete shell at the Nieuw Zuid (New South) quarter might be the answer to your question; it did indeed.

interviewtravelNew York

Ethan Barber Interview

United States

Best known for his fascinating architecture photos, Ethan Barber is one of those talented must-follow content wizards. Ethan is more of a multidisciplinary creative; he's a graphic designer, photographer, and content creator - currently based in New York City. He graduated as valedictorian of his class with a Bachelors of Science in Digital Art and Design. As a full-time graphic designer for three years, coupled with nearly a decade of experience in photography, and three years of social media management; he is focused on having a diverse creative career that is never singularly-focused. We sat down to dig deeper in his career as well as travel habits. Ethan is a happy MY MAPS user and a conscious traveller who now shares his insights in three of his beloved destinations such as New York, LA and Palm Springs. Follow his journey via his MY MAPS.