Experience Tokyo with Mai Shiratori


All eyes on Tokyo. Around 5000 to 6000 athletes from more than 200 nations were to join the parade in Tokyo today as the official kick off of the Olympic Games. Tokyo is everything you can ask of a city to be; it’s a place where you can experience past and future coexisting next to each other. You will find centuries-old forms of performing arts still play on stages, yet just a few corners away public artworks picturing anime robots. Its traditional culture and passion for new is nothing but unique in its own right. On the occasion of the upcoming games we’ve asked Mai Shiratori writer and trend researcher to take us around in Tokyo after the pandemic. The guide includes tranquil cafés and tea houses, hidden restaurants and stores filled with artisanal craft goods. Discover Tokyo with Mai!


The Local's Lore Berlin Guide (to eat out)


Ever since ITB and Berlin Travel Festival got cancelled in March 2019 due to the pandemic, we wished to get those flight tickets again stating; Destination: Berlin Brandenburg Airport - which by the way just opened recently. Berlin is the city that always have something new to offer, a city where communities are strong and you'll most likely make friends just by sitting next to someone at a long communal table of a newly found hip brunch spot. It's the city where everybody's got a friend to visit, a city that is forever young due to its openness to different cultures, diversity and people from all over the globe, hence a hotspot for small (international) businesses. The restaurant and coffee scene is again, or rather is still blooming and the cultural opportunities are close to endless. It's a city to eat out, to cycle, to lay in a park with a good book, to discover exhibitions in hidden streets while just passing by. We've discovered and rediscovered what Berlin has to offer yet again and visited some old and new favourites to eat out such as SOFI, the newest project of Danish chef and restaurant owner. Also guilty as charged but dined in Mugrabi twice thanks to its fantastic Israeli delicacies. Since our return to the Local's Lore HQ, we've found another at least five places for next time, but your recommendations are always welcome - we love making bucket lists and above all; MAPS.


The revival of the countryside: Szegzárd – the lodge


When was the last time you had a good read in a hammock surrounded by vineyards and orchards? Do you remember the crisp sheets in your favourite hotels and apartments to jump out of with the first rays of sunshine to take a dip in the pool before breakfast? We invite you to a journey to the Hungarian countryside’s freshest design lodges, Szegzárd – the lodge; a true nest to modern-day seekers.


The “New Role” Award this year goes to our homes and cars

These times when staying at home is the new coming home, ones’ home has never meant such a secure place. The lockdown allowed us to grow and flourish despite the locational boundaries, but also to revaluate the importance of supporting locals (and each other), that friends and family is everything, that (online) communities are worthy, but also taught us that home is not only a physical destination but a state-of-mind. Not being able to travel in the past year our homes have either remained or have become our happy places in the world, where we — globetrotters, felt so comfortable commuting in. We can’t wait to discover more but couldn’t be more thrilled finding home for once and forever.  BUT it’s not only our homes but cars that got a new role during the pandemic.


Travel Photographer Muse: Interview with Lavinia Cernau

Do you have the feeling that some photographers can capture the deepest desires of the soul? We have this thing with Lavinia's imagery. They make us feel like we are standing right in the sunset light by the sea, wild and free. In her photography, she is embracing the essence of summer; the sun-drenched streets, the saltiness of our naked skin, the eternal lightness of holidays by the beach. While scrolling her Instagram feed, the one thing you wish for is being her muse; the "sunset seeker" in her perfectly composed photographs. Lavinia Cernau is a travel, fashion and lifestyle photographer based out of Transylvania, Romania, with an unquenchable thirst for the Mediterranean. Lavinia’s visual perspective seamlessly brings together color, light and narrative. Her work is invariably imbued with a sense of nostalgic freedom and summer sensuality in candid scenes where her subjects feel honest and at ease. Read on for hear thoughts on traveling and literally heart-warming visual imagery.


Introducing: Local's Lore Studio

We call it an on-demand shift; one that was both a necessity and a dream coming true (which we’ve been holding back due to priorities for quite some time). Last year certainly has seemed to pack in more than just 12 months, it has been incredibly challenging for all of us, but happy to say out LOUD:


Happy Holidays from Local's Lore!


What a year it has been... For many of us, 2020 was supposed to be a year to be awaiting and achieving great things with our hearts wild open and filled with plans, aspirations and hopes.  Yet it turned out quite differently which no-one has foreseen.  If there is one thing we all have learnt this year is that we will never ever take anything for granted again; not traveling or our own and our loved ones’ health, nor family gatherings or our daily cup of coffee at our favourite local coffee shop. And hence we have learnt another level of appreciation towards the small things in life.  Along with gratitude in our hearts, we are keen to celebrate occasions like Christmas even if it will look slightly different this year. Whether we will be able to reunite with our friends and family as usual or not, we are seeking for different ways to celebrate on Zoom or outdoors whether the feeling of togetherness is physical or not. In the midst of all the sadness and uncertainty in the world we shall embrace the things that nourish our mind, body and soul especially in the festive season. Amongst these things we have found the act of gentle kindness, cherishing memories and human connections but also nature.


she she Retreats: Contemporary wellbeing for Her


Nature heals and so are connectivity, inner peace, rituals, movement, nourishment, creativity or even adventure. If you are seeking for such experiences in one place, look no further — she she retreats may offer it all. "Our retreats offer daily movement, delicious food, art workshops, essential oils and time for relaxation, without a strict schedule or enforced detoxing - because we know that many women arrive on our retreats needing a break from their demanding professional and personal lives. Both of us like to live well and enjoy daily pleasures - like a glass of organic wine or fresh baked sweets - and so we want our retreat guests to feel right at home with us, that they can really let their hair down and indulge in a magical retreat experience." This year's been different for obvious reasons, yet developing healthy routines to support our own wellbeing has become top priority. Join one of the she she retreats in 2021. The retreats are for her, who seeks adventure. And if you've been wondering too, we've asked Albertine and Steph, the lovely founders to explain; who is she? Read on!


Ipoly Hotel Boutique Rooms & Suites


Would you like to have the feeling of staying in a mysterious villa along one of Europe’s most beautiful lakes? At Ipoly Hotel Boutique Rooms & Suites by Lake Balaton you certainly will. The semi-luxury boutique hotel just a stone-throw away from Lake Balaton with a modern, one-of-a-kind appeal and approach. Ipoly Hotel is not only a boutique hotel, but also an imposing historical building in the centre of Balatonfüred. Since the beginning, the owners of Ipoly Hotel strived to combine the comfort and services of hotels with the intimacy and tranquility of apartments. Ipoly Hotel offers the possibility of real relaxation by utilising the unique features of the hotel, the perfect harmony of the location and the calm, extraordinary environment close to the lakeshore (with a balcony facing the lake, if you’re lucky).


A farm-to-table culinary pilgrimage: PAJTA


Leaving behind our urban lifestyles for peaceful tranquility has never been more desired or rather cherished than it is today. Whether chasing an intimate culinary experience or a long stroll in the realm of untouched nature, being actually able to slow down and be present seems to be the one thing we all strive for. Even if it’s a long journey to come to the ultimate slow-life, yet there are places that can give us the feeling of timelessness — even if just temporarily, such as the hidden countryside restaurant called Pajta (means barn). Pajta is the embodiment of the owners’ passion for the Őrség National Park close to the Austrian and Slovenian borders in Őriszentpéter, Hungary. The whole restaurant concept was made with care and respect towards reserving traditions, both in terms of architecture and cuisine,  in order to fit Őrség’s landscape and Zeitgeist. Welcome to Pajta!