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Fashion meets Gastronomy: Jacquemus, Louis Vuitton, Prada


Ever since the retail experience has shifted from merely shopping to a more holistic treat; a seance if you like, more and more fashion brands added restaurants of cafés to their portfolios. The luxury hospitality phenomenon is having its boom, so as the era of experience economy. Just think of Maison Kitsuné's pioneer cafés in Paris or New York, Prada’s Bar Luce in Milan or one of our favourite small scale project; Nanushka’s café in their Budapest flagship-store. Luckily many have followed, such as Jacquemus’ very own café Citron and Oursin, and according to the most recent fashion news; Louis Vuitton is set to open Le Café V in Osaka.


Grand Hôtel Wiesler


Have you ever thought about enjoying the cityscape while taking a hot bath? Look no further than Graz's very own Grand Hôtel Wiesler, where you can enjoy both at the same time! Laid-back elegance, unconventional luxury (just think of the freestanding bathtub) and a cosmopolitan flair are just some of the impressions that best describe our stay at the The Weitzer Welt’s hip hotel; Grand Hôtel Wiesler. The Grand Hôtel Wiesler is situated in a privileged location in a hip and dynamic area. Set in the heart of Graz, right by the River Mur, next to the Kunsthaus and an arm-sight away of the Schlossberg, it is surrounded by bars and shops of the young creative scene in the city. The Hotel welcomes digital nomads just as warmly as business travellers but also Falco, Mick Jagger and Arnold Schwarzenegger are just a few of the names on its impressive guest list. Impressive, right? Whether it’s winter, spring, summer or autumn, Graz is always a good idea thanks to it’s diversity. In every season Graz is the city to slow down whether you’re opting for sightseeing, the abundance of cultural programs or a revitalising hike nearby the city. UNESCO has declared Graz part of "Creative Cities," which means that the city now officially belongs to their international network of forward-looking places. Only a few other cities offer so much variety within such a small area contemporary architecture right next to medieval houses set in the midst of ancient alleys backdropped by mountains painted in the hues of epic sunsets. The Grand Hôtel Wiesler is no different; the hotel’s design juxtaposes hip and modern elements such as street art, bare walls with traditional and Art Nouveau details.

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Interview with Photographer muse: Eslee

One of our New Year’s resolution was that we’ll share more of what we love. Since Esther’s (Eslee) clean and subtle visual world is one of them, we jumped on the opportunity to make a quick interview with her. We’re especially curious about how traveling influenced and still influences her approach to photography. Esther is an editorial and lifestyle photographer based between Seattle and Los Angeles - in two very different cities that affects her practice differently. She started photography because of her first trip to Africa; her trip to Kenya made her fall in love with photography. “After I got back I looked through the photos and realized how important it was to capture memories on something tangible instead of reliving it only through memory. Just being able to capture the culture and the people and then having the ability to really look back in detail was something I knew I wanted to keep doing in the future.” Our number one favourite project is the recent cinematic series shot in Korea. Enjoy the ride!


2020 Travel Wish List


Whether 2019 was your very favourite or least favourite year, it's official; it's a new day, a new year, a new decade. We wish you to travel well but travel consciously; let's take better care of our planet! Sustainability and climate change are no longer some kind of buzzwords, but call-to-actions. You — just like us — are a frequent traveler who has the ability to inspire but also to influence. Take the train when it’s possible, discover cities by foot or on the bike, visit cities beyond capitals, opt for local services in terms of gastronomy and shopping instead of franchises in order to support the local ecosystem and craftsmanship wherever you go. Let’s travel in the New Year, connect, reflect, get lost and write our journey in some beautiful places. We have so much more to discover in 2020! Here comes our 2020 wish list with some our lovely ambassadors’ recommendations. Looking forward to follow your journeys via the Local’s Lore APP.


Christmas Giveaway: Valletta Vintage


"Valletta Vintage is a collection of vintage and contemporary finds — properties & contents — which we curate with my husband, to offer an alternative to mainstream holiday accommodation. The collection grew from one small apartment to five, and soon to be ten apartments, each housed in buildings older than a hundred years and spread around the city of Valletta and its harbour." Read our interview with Hanna - our lovely Valletta ambassador who's also the superwoman behind Malta's number one design-hospitality concept; Valletta Vintage. Scroll down for a joint Christmas surprise and follow the @localslore Instagram page for updates! Happy Holidays and a well-travelled New Year!


Interview: Atelier Sukha


"The way we work is simple. We slow down in a fast-paced world and see the beauty in small things, we laugh with our hearts and make time for joy in our lives. With every item of clothing, a piece of furniture, poem and drawing, we try to bring beauty and joy to life." Thanks to the two founders, Irene Mertens and Sam IJsbrandy you can slow down in busy Amsterdam too; in the midst of carefully-crafted designer items in a beautiful paradise called, Atelier Sukha. Sukha means ‘joy of life’ in Sanskrit. It is a store and studio, where beautiful things are conceived, developed and created by a team of designers, makers, illustrators and in house poets. Read the interview with Sukha’s founders and the inspiring journey of staring Sukha Atelier, their own brand and find out about their connection to Nepal.


What would life taste like without Salt? - Interview: Salt Budapest


You can open the menu to see what's coming, or leave the seal untouched and let the Salt Team surprise you. Whichever option you’re opting for, you definitely won’t be left untouched by the unworldly match of flavours-service-atmosphere. Salt Budapest was created on the foundations of the traditional Hungarian cuisine where Chef Szilárd Tóth’s kitchen herbs and wild plants play an important role. Thanks to their honest approach, Salt has instantly become one of Budapest’s most coveted restaurants. The unique interior also contributes to the Salt experience; the Chef’s table stands in the middle of the restaurant so that guests could easily have a few words with the hosts. Also, the two hosts – the Chef and the restaurant manager, Máté Boldizsár – often serve the dishes themselves. Both the service and the atmosphere of Salt feels so intimate that you’ll not only be overwhelmed with the flavours, but the fact that a whole team is working on the fullest experience you’re about to have in the next three-and-a-half-hours. It’s emotional, surprising, interactive and heavenly - all at once. The experience was indeed one of our fullest and most special so far; incredible flavours, close-to-nature approach. exceptional staff, the feeling of togetherness and phenomenal juice (and wine) pairings. We’ve got so much that we feel the least is an article to give back and also to recommend Salt from the bottom of our hearts. Read on to get to know Szilárd’s and Máté’s vision, and then go and visit Salt.

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Sweet Escape by Olga Mai: Lanzarote


Olga Mai is a young photographer and videomaker. Born in Ukraine and raised in Italy, she was lucky enough to live between two distinctly different cultures, stimulating her curiosity about the countless realities the world has to offer.  Her works born from the combination of her many passions, such as fashion, architecture, design and travel. She currently lives in Milan, but she makes sure, she's travelling well. Discover Lanzarote with Olga!

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Exploring Edinburgh with Juan

United Kingdom

Despite all the rain and unpredictable weather Edinburg is surely a precious gem when it comes to travel destinations. The city itself is super compact and all the pretty areas are walkable from wherever you are, so you never need to set out much time for exploring. "I'm constantly trying to find new angles in this city — Edinburgh is becoming pretty popular, especially on Instagram so every time I’m out, wandering around its streets, I would say my aim is to try and find a different perspective on such a photo-saturated city." If you were wondering where to get cosy, Juan's got an awesome collection of top new-wave cafés, brunch hotspots and for sure something new to show for the Instagram community. Discover Edinburg with Juan's Local's Lore guide.


Interview with Martino di Napoli Rampolla: Numeroventi


Are you ready for an extraordinary getaway in Florence? Or are you happened to be an artist looking for a heartening artist residency program? We might have an option for both. Numeroventi aims to provide an inspiring shelter to artists and creative professionals looking for a mental and physical space to develop their projects. The contrast between the history of the building and its vibrant new occupancy is reflected in Florence itself; a city that is a living testament to the astonishing achievements of the Renaissance while also striving to be young, creative, and forward-looking. We've sat down with Martino, the visionary founder behind Numeroventi to discuss his vision and initial idea of Numeroventi. " I wanted to create a place that would aim to act as a retreat, as a place where creatives can rediscover the core of their profession. That would invite them to break out from routines and be inspired; by other people, by the space—actually, in many different ways. Of course, every individual comes here with different needs and expectations, but they all seek the possibility to recharge creatively." In search of a true recharge whether you're an artist and a traveller, Numeroventi shall be your number one destination.