mother's day muse: valeria vasi


On this Mother's Day, we celebrate all the amazing moms who have found a way to balance their careers with their roles as mothers. We honor their dedication, creativity, and hard work, both in the workplace and at home, and we thank them for all they do to make the world a more beautiful place. Here's to all the moms who are using their talents to create stunning works of art, while also raising the next generation of honest souls! Please find our lovely interview with Valeria Vasi. Her pieces express the inspiration taken from design and art but they also convey the importance of finding the perfect balance of artistic expression, utility and functionality.


Presenting the Achioté Project in Costa Rica - Interview with architect Dagmar Štěpánová

Costa Rica

Sustainability, exclusivity and uniqueness – just three words that can be applied to Formafatal’s new project in the Costa Rican jungle. For those who dream of a tropical getaway but prefer to avoid the luxury resorts, the Achioté villas are the perfect choice: lush surroundings, magfinicent ocean views, and carefully thought out design and concept. Behind the pair of the villas we found Formafatal Studio, a Costa Rica and Czech Republic-based architectural studio, founded by Dagmar Štěpánová. In the past few years her designs gained a great recognition in the international design media, and there is nothing surprising in that.

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Interview with Ebonie Bohlin from Maison de Base

Clay walls, rustic pottery, linen and wool materials. Looking at @maisondebase Instagram page, we could almost smell the unmistakable odor of an old cottage house in the Mediterranean countryside. The senses get even more activated when we check their Youtube channel, where the singing of the birds and the sound of the balmy wind can also be heard. Behind the project, we find a lovely couple, Ebonie and Martin, who left their fashion industry background and busy city life behind, in order to live in a more simple way. They started by restoring an abandoned farm and building a house using only natural materials in Portugal for 2,5 years. After that they found their new project and home in Italy’s Puglia region: an old house that is still under their renovation.


places that will make you fall in love with Morocco


Let us start with emphasizing the word “beyond” – and here is why: Marrakech is a true wonder with its busy, still authentic Medina and its charming riads, so it is not surprising that it’s people’s first association when talking about Morocco. It would be a mistake though to neglect the countryside, since Morocco offers way more than its well-known cultural capital. Let us show you around, starting from Marrakech until down the coastline!


she she Retreats: Contemporary wellbeing for Her in 2023


Nature heals and so are connectivity, inner peace, rituals, movement, nourishment, creativity or even adventure. If you are seeking for such experiences in one place, look no further — she she retreats may offer it all. "Our retreats offer daily movement, delicious food, art workshops, essential oils and time for relaxation, without a strict schedule or enforced detoxing - because we know that many women arrive on our retreats needing a break from their demanding professional and personal lives. Both of us like to live well and enjoy daily pleasures - like a glass of organic wine or fresh baked sweets - and so we want our retreat guests to feel right at home with us, that they can really let their hair down and indulge in a magical retreat experience." This year's been different for obvious reasons, yet developing healthy routines to support our own wellbeing has become top priority. Join one of the she she retreats in 2023. The retreats are for her, who seeks adventure. And if you've been wondering too, we've asked Albertine and Steph, the lovely founders to explain; who is she? Read on!

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YAPA milan

Yapa is a culinary adventure that transports you to another world. A nomadic journey of experiences, memories, and flavours, distilled on your plate. An intimate, understated antidote to the traditional Milan scene. What brings each dish together are the exceptional ingredients from small farms and specialist producers who share a commitment to sustainability and seasonality.

Suite 2

Aman tokyo


Aman Tokyo is located in the prestigious financial district of Otemachi, just steps away from Tokyo Station and the world-famous Ginza shopping district. The hotel occupies the top six floors of The Otemachi Tower, offering spectacular panoramas of the Imperial Palace Gardens and surrounding Tokyo landmarks.


Warszauer Hotel, Kraków


Part immersive hospitality with customized services, part social hub with common dining and open-air terrace, part intimate residency thanks to limited number of rooms. Warszauer is an expansion of this simple idea of slowing down. They close the door to a bustling city and open a modern sanctuary.


Casa Balandra: Experiential Guest House


Casa Balandra is a creative residency & guest house on the island of Mallorca. A space to share, create and celebrate conviviality. The place where you can hide and rejuvenate find your inner balance and dig into your childhood memories. Our team really wish to enjoy the summer breeze here, but until then we had a chance to make a lovely interview with Isabella.

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Holiday Treats

United States

Over the past two years, the pandemic caused by COVID19 has had a major impact on almost every aspect of our lives, but the Local’s Lore Team demonstrated their skills and commitment during this period, as we have continued to work hard without interruption and have even strengthened our Team by the time to close the year 2021. Society has demonstrated its expectations of companies in terms of their role and usefulness. The Local’s Lore Team was one of the first virtual map developer and small business supporter companies to define it's mission.