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Mapping Specialty Coffee: Seoul Edition by Sungmin Daniel Yoon

South Korea

Nothing really compares to the feeling when you see people using our Local's Lore platforms to share their recommendations all over the globe. Lately, Daniel decided to write a blogpost on his number one caffeinated hotspots in Seoul and include an ultimate guide powered by Local's Lore. "Friends in Korea and abroad, as well as my Instagram followers from various countries have continuously asked me to give recommendations for (1) aesthetic coffee shops, and (2) high-quality specialty coffee shops in Seoul. So I found it appropriate to share some of my specialty coffee memories with you all. I have accumulated data on about 250 different non-franchise, non-Starbucks-esque coffee shops just in Seoul (crazy!!) and narrowed down the number of coffee shops to a total of… [drum roll] Top 40 shops that offer specialty coffee only! I chose to mark these 40 coffee shops on this map based on a single debatable factor: coffee shops that have various degrees of importance on my time in Seoul. I admit, the map looks rather empty as shown in the image above. I decided to use Local's Lore as my platform to share my coffee map because . . . there isn’t a review section. . . !!"