Jane's Guide to Dubai's thriving coffee scene

United Arab Emirates

This July I was visiting my friends who have recently moved to UAE and let me tell you the summer here is hot. Since we’re still in the pandemic and the majority of countries are still closed for visitors I decided to go anyway despite the hot weather. I was pleasantly surprised by what Dubai’s cafes and coffee shops have to offer. Here are some of my favorite places: Orijins is a relatively new trendy coffee shop located in the heart of the financial district of Dubai. The interior and furniture look spectacular. The designers were inspired to create a cave-looking coffee spot using natural materials and textures such as sand and stone. Locals adore this spot so it gets pretty crowded around 11 a.m. The coffee here was so great that I had to get two oat milk cappuccinos in a row. If you're a fan of sweet drinks I would also recommend trying specials from the menu such as Mocca and Spanish latte. This place doesn’t offer breakfast however their pastry selection is pretty good. Orijins coffee shop is one of a kind and you got to experience it yourself.


Experience Tokyo with Mai Shiratori


All eyes on Tokyo. Around 5000 to 6000 athletes from more than 200 nations were to join the parade in Tokyo today as the official kick off of the Olympic Games. Tokyo is everything you can ask of a city to be; it’s a place where you can experience past and future coexisting next to each other. You will find centuries-old forms of performing arts still play on stages, yet just a few corners away public artworks picturing anime robots. Its traditional culture and passion for new is nothing but unique in its own right. On the occasion of the upcoming games we’ve asked Mai Shiratori writer and trend researcher to take us around in Tokyo after the pandemic. The guide includes tranquil cafés and tea houses, hidden restaurants and stores filled with artisanal craft goods. Discover Tokyo with Mai!


The Local's Lore Berlin Guide (to eat out)


Ever since ITB and Berlin Travel Festival got cancelled in March 2019 due to the pandemic, we wished to get those flight tickets again stating; Destination: Berlin Brandenburg Airport - which by the way just opened recently. Berlin is the city that always have something new to offer, a city where communities are strong and you'll most likely make friends just by sitting next to someone at a long communal table of a newly found hip brunch spot. It's the city where everybody's got a friend to visit, a city that is forever young due to its openness to different cultures, diversity and people from all over the globe, hence a hotspot for small (international) businesses. The restaurant and coffee scene is again, or rather is still blooming and the cultural opportunities are close to endless. It's a city to eat out, to cycle, to lay in a park with a good book, to discover exhibitions in hidden streets while just passing by. We've discovered and rediscovered what Berlin has to offer yet again and visited some old and new favourites to eat out such as SOFI, the newest project of Danish chef and restaurant owner. Also guilty as charged but dined in Mugrabi twice thanks to its fantastic Israeli delicacies. Since our return to the Local's Lore HQ, we've found another at least five places for next time, but your recommendations are always welcome - we love making bucket lists and above all; MAPS.

Screenshot 2020-03-09 at 10.23.56

Mapping Specialty Coffee: Seoul Edition by Sungmin Daniel Yoon

South Korea

Nothing really compares to the feeling when you see people using our Local's Lore platforms to share their recommendations all over the globe. Lately, Daniel decided to write a blogpost on his number one caffeinated hotspots in Seoul and include an ultimate guide powered by Local's Lore. "Friends in Korea and abroad, as well as my Instagram followers from various countries have continuously asked me to give recommendations for (1) aesthetic coffee shops, and (2) high-quality specialty coffee shops in Seoul. So I found it appropriate to share some of my specialty coffee memories with you all. I have accumulated data on about 250 different non-franchise, non-Starbucks-esque coffee shops just in Seoul (crazy!!) and narrowed down the number of coffee shops to a total of… [drum roll] Top 40 shops that offer specialty coffee only! I chose to mark these 40 coffee shops on this map based on a single debatable factor: coffee shops that have various degrees of importance on my time in Seoul. I admit, the map looks rather empty as shown in the image above. I decided to use Local's Lore as my platform to share my coffee map because . . . there isn’t a review section. . . !!"


Budapest Kinship


Kinship means blood relationship, but also a sharing of characteristics or origins; a feeling of being close or similar to other people, things or places. Budapest Kinship is a collaborative guide of like-minded friends being passionate about the art of making good food & coffee. Both Budapest’s gastro and coffee scene are thriving, and once you have a supportive circle of chef’s, baristas and visionary owners, collaborations such as Budapest Kinship evolve. From Lebanese flavors, through the most authentic Jamón toast to the best cold brews, we invite you to a journey to each of the nine hotspots of Budapest. And if for some reason, Budapest isn't on your travel bucket list yet, we'll help you pin it to the top. Follow along for an authentic Budapest experience powered by Local’s Lore.


Ready for some Melbourne Vibe?


Wondering if a 35-square-meter café in heart of Budapest can bring on the ultimate Melbourne vibe? My Little Melbourne — the pioneer specialty coffee shop is a pure Hungarian homage to Australian coffee culture. When it opened in 2012, My Little Melbourne was basically the first specialty coffee shops in Budapest. The Hungarian capital may not be most known for its incredible new-wave coffee scene, yet it’s indeed booming since a couple of years now, thanks to the experimental approach of the two visionaries Péter and Dia. Inspired by a memorable trip to Australia, My Little Melbourne is the result of owners Péter and Dia falling in love with the one-of-a-kind coffee culture in Melbourne, while visiting Dia’s relatives. They saw no other option than taking home a piece of Australia to Budapest — quite literally.   My Little Melbourne at Madách Square has in no time gained a cult following, and today it’s still one of the number one coffee brands in Budapest, operating a few branches across the city. It's famous for its flat white and Australian fuzzy drinks, laid back interior, as well as homemade sandwiches and pastries. Champion baristas prepare your choice of coffee drink from the single origin beans of a local micro roastery, Racer Beans and other international roasteries. Since it’s opening, it has been added a brew bar just next to My Little Melbourne and a barista training space in the basement as well. My Little Brew Bar focuses on the filtered coffee culture and offers Syphon, Chemex, Aeropress and Pour Over methods. Plus, the staff is extremely friendly, and the pastries are beyond delicious. Both cafes attract all types of people from across the city: coffee–addicts, locals, tourists and cake-lovers. Speaking of cake, the café offers a wide selection of vegan cakes options as well as plant-based milks. The sign "we love to make coffee for coffee lovers" says it all. PS Get prepared; it’s always busy!


Favourite cafe in Kyoto: Wife&Husband


Are you familiar with those moments when you spot something on Instagram and fall in love instantly so deeply that it becomes a reason to travel? Our current number one craving destination-wise is located in the very heart of Kyoto. The tiny rustic-feel coffee-picnic-antiques concept belongs to a real-life husband and wife team behind Wife&Husband Cafe. If you weren’t familiar with the concept at first sight – and why would you, it will melt your heart. Upon approaching the coffee shop, the first thing you’ll notice is the hanging benches, tables, hats, and picnic baskets outside the shop. Nor it’s purely decoration or items for sale, but your essentials for a proper picnic in the realm of Kyoto’s grassy banks of the Kamo River. Wife&Husband Cafe’s picnic basket service gives you a generous serving of fresh coffee in a thermos, ceramic cups, a tablecloth and rusk biscuits – to chill like a local. Welcome to this romantic fairy tale of Kyoto, enjoy your coffee!


TOP 10 cafes in Portland

United States

We believe that the hardest choice you'll have to make in Portland, is about choosing amongst its wonderful coffee shops. Our ambassador, Marshall Steeves has given his love for coffee and Portland's incredible coffee scene, so we asked him about his TOP 10 coffee destinations in the city. Take for instance Coava, the popular coffee shop specializes in artisanal drinks using house-roasted beans, served along with light bites and pastries. The airy spaces feature blond woods, plenty of seating and roasted beans to go. Or Case Study Coffee, one of the best cupping spots. "Cuppings are always enjoyable! Being able to taste each one side by side in a pure brew is phenomenal!” We're sure that you'll only make the best choices, thanks to Marshall!


The lore of Portland: Meet Marshall Steeves

United States

Finding our ambassador in Portland was nothing but love for first sight. Marshall Steeves’ account is dealing with some seriously beautiful content; minimalist interior details of the coolest cafes in town. Marshall has been influenced by many different surroundings, environments, people, and lifestyles. “Craving the city life again, I moved back to Portland and have chased the creativity and culture that has thrived here. As a photographer, designer, writer, and avid minimalist, I have pushed to bring Portland a sense of unique and radiant energy that will push the design world forward and ultimately expand the city to new and never-before-seen heights.” Discover the most aesthetic gems of the city through Marshall’s lenses, who’s not only a true coffee enthusiast but a great photographer too. Go no further if you want to get a glimpse of the city’s coffee scene, concept stores and restaurants. Read on!

coffeeLos Angeles

Need to refuel during Coachella? Here are the top 5 spots in LA!

United States

In need of a coffee break or a healthy meal between the Coachella line-up or just simply heading to LA and would like to hang out at the coolest places? We've collected you some of the local hotspots thank to our ambassador, Jordan Santos. Whether you are in LA for the California sun, Coachella - a weekend of incredible music headlined by Eminem, Beyoncé and The Weeknd, beautiful people or work, we have it covered for you; or at least your to go coffee, dining and shopping cravings. We're featuring LA as we thought that you guys deserve the year-round sunshine, the best eats and the best buys, and the best guide to the ever-so-stylish Los Angeles-way of living by Jordan. PS if you are ready to see what’s trending amongst locals head over to our Instagram as well. We've just hinted some more places.


Kula Project


Things like coffee have become the inevitable part of our lives hence we barely think beyond its wonderful flavour and pretty packaging. Well Kula project does, and not only think but more importantly act. We had the pleasure to ask Sarah Buchanan-Sasson, the Founder and Director of Kula Project, about her vision in terms of coffee farms in Rwanda - the beginnings, projects and future goals. In case you were not familiar with them, on May 12, 2012, James and Sarah Sasson founded Kula Project. They began with the belief that communities in need must be involved in the problem solving process, and while they set out to do just that, the first two years brought many failures and lessons learned. It wasn’t until January of 2014 that they began to find their footing. Sarah and James spent a month in Rwanda listening and learning, and immediately knew that Rwanda was the place they were supposed to be. So they completed their current projects, and focused all of their efforts on the beautiful country in the heart of Africa. Since then, Kula has worked solely in Rwanda alongside the most remarkable woman and men who are doing everything in their power to create a life of peace and prosperity for their children. Read on!


Oslo Cold Brew


Oslo is not often associated with coffee and definitely not with cold brew but we sat the with the guys, Kristian and Rory, who happened to wish changing it. Rory has recently become the Norwegian barista champion and they thought that the timing is just great to use the success of the competition to launch Oslo Cold Brew. Oslo Cold Brew is producing high quality cold brewed coffee and tea for the Norwegian market. We discussed the current state of the Norwegian coffee scene in the iconic culture hub of the city; Kulturhuset. Read on!

coffeehotelChiang Mai

Chiang Mai's Best Hotel: The Barisotel by The Baristro


The new wave coffee houses are taking Chiang Mai by storm, and if it would not be satisfying enough, here is our favourite concept in the city so far: a hotel-slash-coffee initiative called The Barisotel by the Baristro is taking hospitality to a caffeinated level. Set in a prime location of Chiang Mai, The Barisotel by The Baristro puts everything the city has to offer just outside your doorstep. The property features a wide range of facilities to make your stay a pleasant experience. Convenience and comfort makes the boutique hotel of such the perfect choice for your stay in the North of Thailand. Visit Chiang Mai's best hotel: The Barisotel by The Baristro.

A Day in Chiang Mai
coffeeChiang Mai

Chiang Mai's top 10 new wave coffee houses


When it comes to Chiang Mai, one immediately associates the city with old historical Buddhist temples, traditional festivals and Thai food. However, that’s all changing as the city's arts and food scene both started to evolve. And this has also resulted a great boom in their new wave coffee culture. We've been amazed by the large number of high quality coffee shops in Chiang Mai when our ambassador, Piyatat Primtongtrakul introduced us in the local coffee scene. Chiang Mai today belongs to those few places around the globe where you have progressive roasteries, devoted baristas and true coffee fans within just a few miles drive away from the coffee plantations and farmers. Here’s Piyatat's guide and wonderful imagery to TEN of the city’s very best coffee bars, so we make sure that your caffeine-level is going to be just fine when you pay a visit in this exciting creative city!


Brunch in Budapest: SZIMPLY + KONTAKT


Hidden in Röser courtyard downtown Budapest, Kontakt has been one of the city’s favorite coffee destinations for years. While focusing on speciality coffee, yet having tremendous love towards the art of eating breakfast (all they long), they felt the urge for creating a joint concept; coffee and breakfast. This is how Szimply came to life. The two spots that are literally facing each other are the fruitful initiative of a likewise cool couple, Anna and Peter. Read more about their Word of Coffee Festival program and future plans. PS get your Local’s Lore special breakfast-coffee combo at Szimply in July.


They filter coffee not people - Jonas Reindl Café Vienna


Opinions diverge on where to find the best coffee in Vienna – it’s currently a hotly debated topic and also a rather personal choice. For us, all ways lead to Jonas Reindl, the speciality coffeeshop right across the public transport hub, Schottentor. When we saw the statement "we filter coffee not people” at the entrance, we were sure we had come to the right place. This café attracts all types of people from across the city: coffee–addicts, locals, tourists and cake-lovers. Other than tasting the city’s best caffeinated liquid we came for the owner, Philip Feyer. We’ve been curious to hear his lore for a long time, luckily he did not resist.


London Coffee Festival insight by Davide Pastorino

United Kingdom

Can you guess how exiting the London Coffee Festival - the UK’s largest coffee and artisan food event was? We heard it really was a blast. We had the pleasure at Local’s Lore that a real local, Davide Pastorino – our London ambassador behind PRESS Coffee & Co represented us. The vibrant event was all about a massive celebration in the name of specialty coffee, artisan food, world-class baristas, live music, educational programs and the best vibes. The festival was rather busy and hot — he said, but the atmosphere was nice as always. He also added that the festival was a bit more commercial than usual. Davide’s favourite part was meeting people from the industry and friends he met all over the world during coffee trips earlier.

coffeeNew York

Counter Culture

Other than the flavor of a cup of great coffee, the Counter Culture Coffee may sound familiar due to its sustainable and educational commitment. Probably there are a couple of places in New York where you feel like you’ve just had your number one coffee-experience on Earth: you either just had your ‘usual’ brewed with the most magical aftertaste, your long-awaited nutty-feel double espresso that fuelled you the whole day, or your cortado with the yummies steamed milk on top. Counter Culture is though a whole different level. It’s not a café, nor it is a retailer or a training center. It’s the ideal blend of all.