12 Hours in Lisbon


You are probably well aware of our fascination towards Portuguese culture by now so it’s not much a surprise if I say that it’s hard not to be deeply charmed by Lisbon. The picturesque city scape indeed has its unique vibe with all of its hills, narrow streets, viewpoints, the River Tagus, the old town filled with colourful tiles, yellow trams and traditional patisseries. The city is divided intro districts; Barrio Alto, probably the most vivid and boheme area, it is the centre of the Portuguese capital's nightlife, attracting youth culture and gives home to many concept stores and local showrooms. The heart of the city is the Baixa or city centre; the Pombaline Baixa is an elegant district, primarily constructed after the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. Belém – our very favourite one, is famous as the place from which many of the great Portuguese explorers set off on their voyages of discovery. From this part of the city you can have a perfect view at the famed 25 de Abril Bridge designed by the same architect yet it is often compared to San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge. The city is connected to the far side of the Tagus by two important bridges; The 25 de Abril Bridge, and the Vasco da Gama Bridge, which is the longest bridge in Europe. If you are lucky enough to not only spend 12 hours in the city but more, you may rightfully ask; where should we wake up? I’d immediately say; Santa Clara. The building's sense of intimacy is accomplished through a sensitive interplay of interior and exterior features. 
The generous windows frame the unique brilliance of the Lisbon light which spills over the city 
and can be seen reflected in the river below. If you are opting for a less minimalistic choice Valverde Hotel with its classic and elegant style, it's contemporary furniture, works of art and antiques is a nest to embrace. Its warm colours, the comfort of its fabrics and materials, its homey arrangement of space, are what distinguishes the Valverde Hotel from any other hotel in the surrounding area, an "Oasis of comfort and discreet luxury."


Azores: São Miguel


Choosing nature over skyscrapers have never felt this good. In all of us there is a desire for slowing down just for a week and replace our daily yoga routine with a real retreat; fresh air, forests, ocean and hiking. Only a place where peace and sustainability comes from within can give you the ultimate luxury of a real retreat. Wondering where to find all these at once? Let us guide you! Until recently, not many of us were able to pin immediately right on the map when hearing the word “Azores”. Yet the growing number of air routes and the cheaper fairs made it a lot easier to reach this pure Eden, we call it. Still far away from crowded tourism it is hard to imagine a place better suited to nature and adventure seekers, yet for those who are in need of a break and wish to immerse in the sustainable way of living. Though the island is not at all one-track, you'll find the only tea plantation of Europe, pineapple ranches, and great remarks of contemporary architecture too besides the wonders of nature.


Azores: Pink house


Pink color is indeed having its heyday as do rural destinations. How about combining the two? Only a few kilometers away from the capital of the oh-so-coveted island, São Miguel, Azores you’ll be able to enjoy both at the very same time. Built in 2017, the Pink House is juxtaposing traditional architecture with the contemporary vision of Mezzo Atelier in a way that it reflects nothing but smooth harmony. Joana Oliveira who happened to be one of the founders of the Atelier and whose family owns Pink House as well envisioned a wide open space with full of natural light that spread over two floors. The architectural project has also involved local artisans into the production process of custom-made furniture and objects. Therefore the ethereal scope is filled with local artisan pieces, and a delicate mix of modern and mid-century furnishing. The whole place is balancing the fine line between the traditional and the modern. Upon our stay we have experienced the warmest welcome in a cozy atmosphere that felt like (a dream) home. The upper floor is the so-called social space that includes the kitchen as well and has the full height of the roof so it feels rather airy. From the kitchen there is access to a terrace situated on top of the smaller ground floor house. By the way kitchen, our breakfast was literally delivered in style; a flowery basket filled with home-made goods and seasonal fruits from the wonderful garden. We could enjoy the beauty and calmness of the gardens, orchards, lawns and inner woods throughout our stay. There is around two-hectares of land to explore, including a huge swimming pool. Peak season travelers have the upper edge! Whether you are opting for the main house (accommodates five to seven people) or the studio (accommodates three) you are going to have one of you best quarters experience ever. In the meanwhile, read our interview with Joana about her creative vision in terms of redesigning an old barn and adapting it into the Pink House; one of the coolest nest we have ever visited.

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Azores: White Exclusive Suites & Villas


Are you dreaming of a real retreat accompanied with laidback luxury? We might have found the ultimate rural getaway for you. Stepping feet in the magnificent work of Mother Nature - the land of the thousand-shades-of-green, São Miguel, Azores - after a couple of hours in the air no one can wish for a greater nest than the White Exclusive Suites & Villas. Located on the south coast of the island of São Miguel (only a fifteen-minutes-drive from the airport) right by the Atlantic Ocean, the White used to be two 18th-century summer houses. History has it that it belonged to a winery at the time. The resort has been flawlessly renovated to a house of nine suites and one villa, yet you’ll still be able to see the old house parts incorporated in the new design. The whitewashed modern look of the White is mixing typical Azorean architecture with a Greek influence. Opened last summer, the manor has all the retreat facilities one craves to indulge in. Ready to take a look around?


Shopping in Lisbon: The Feeting Room


The store as we’ve known it, is being reinvented. In the past years, traditional retail has been challenged by both shifting consumer habits and rising e-commerce traffic. New retail concepts were born that combine online and brick-and-mortar shopping experiences in order to remain competitive and accurate in the market. One of our favorite concepts in the whole wide world are The Feeting Room stores in Porto and Lisbon. Both have lately become true cultural hubs for both local creatives and travelers. With a roomy 300 square meter area in each store, their aim is to offer a versatile assortment of lifestyle items for both women and men, ranging from timeless carryovers to seasonal pieces. Altogether the selection is bound by the quality of their partnerships and collaborations which result from a shared vision of the future and sustainability of retail fashion. For the ones not planning to visit Portugal any soon, they operate a webshop as well. We dug beyond their concept a bit, read on to get some great insights!


Kula Project


Things like coffee have become the inevitable part of our lives hence we barely think beyond its wonderful flavour and pretty packaging. Well Kula project does, and not only think but more importantly act. We had the pleasure to ask Sarah Buchanan-Sasson, the Founder and Director of Kula Project, about her vision in terms of coffee farms in Rwanda - the beginnings, projects and future goals. In case you were not familiar with them, on May 12, 2012, James and Sarah Sasson founded Kula Project. They began with the belief that communities in need must be involved in the problem solving process, and while they set out to do just that, the first two years brought many failures and lessons learned. It wasn’t until January of 2014 that they began to find their footing. Sarah and James spent a month in Rwanda listening and learning, and immediately knew that Rwanda was the place they were supposed to be. So they completed their current projects, and focused all of their efforts on the beautiful country in the heart of Africa. Since then, Kula has worked solely in Rwanda alongside the most remarkable woman and men who are doing everything in their power to create a life of peace and prosperity for their children. Read on!


The lore of Chicago: Meet Mandy Lancia

United States

Let's start the New Year by introducing a very special ambassador of ours, Mandy Lancia. Based in Chicago, Mandy has combined her love of small business, female creatives, design, and collaboration to form The Glossary. Her hope is that The Glossary will grow into a platform where every creative woman can come to learn something new, find inspiration, discover other women and their creative endeavors, and ultimately, make new relationships through online communication and in-person meetings. We admire not only her wonderful Chicago guide and Instagram imagery but her business as well. Read on to get to know more about her home, The Glossary and Mandy's current passion.

new york

Photographer wanted in NYC

United States

HI GUYS! WE ARE LOOKING FOR A LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER IN NEW YORK IN JANUARY TO JOIN US FOR A FEW SHOOTINGS! Briefly about what you are going to experience; other than having guides in 61 cities, we are featuring wonderful projects and inspiring creatives from all over the world, while building a community of like-mindend people who's passion is to travel consciously and experience the local vibes. If you would like to be a part of our dynamic team for a project or two in New York let us know, we cannot wait to hear from you!   IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN WORKING TOGETHER DROP US A LINE TO INFO@LOCALSLORE.COM WITH YOUR REFERENCES AND SALARY REQUEST (PROJECTS BASED, HOUR WAGE ETC.).  WE MUCH LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU! CHEERS,       LOCAL'S LORE TEAM


Local’s Lore’s Top Travel Destinations for 2018

The first few days of the New Year are many times spent on planning and making resolutions; organizing upcoming projects, opting for more sports and a healthier lifestyle and not least arranging the next travel destinations for 2018. By the way what are your travel resolutions for 2018? If you did not make any yet, we have collected our top eight places to discover from remote hidden treasures to hectic fast-growing capitals. Thanks to Instagram, travelers today are more aware than ever of what the world has to offer. These eight editor-endorsed journeys are the best ones to discover this year with the help of the Local’s Lore guides from a local’s perspective thanks to our ambassadors! If you already know where you're going, share your plans with us on social media with #localslore to get featured!


Tea Afternoon with TEALEAVES


Do you have those secret cravings that you keep to yourself for a while and get really excited when it's suddenly about to come true? A tea afternoon in the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest was on our bucket list for some time. The timing was just right; the hotel was graced with lavish Christmas decoration and the temperature was just as cold that you could not wish for anything but a sip of a good tea. Herend Afternoon Tea, served every day from 3:00 to 6:00 pm at the Lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest, is an ideal occasion for reaching inner calmness to the tone of live piano music. An elegant Herend porcelain table setting with bountiful bites and a cup of tea from Tealeaves set the ultimate mood for afternoon relaxation at the Gresham Palace. Thanks to a careful selection, we have enjoyed the fullest flavors in an astonishing setting. Ready for a cup of tea by Tealeaves?