Kula Project


Things like coffee have become the inevitable part of our lives hence we barely think beyond its wonderful flavour and pretty packaging. Well Kula project does, and not only think but more importantly act. We had the pleasure to ask Sarah Buchanan-Sasson, the Founder and Director of Kula Project, about her vision in terms of coffee farms in Rwanda - the beginnings, projects and future goals. In case you were not familiar with them, on May 12, 2012, James and Sarah Sasson founded Kula Project. They began with the belief that communities in need must be involved in the problem solving process, and while they set out to do just that, the first two years brought many failures and lessons learned. It wasn’t until January of 2014 that they began to find their footing. Sarah and James spent a month in Rwanda listening and learning, and immediately knew that Rwanda was the place they were supposed to be. So they completed their current projects, and focused all of their efforts on the beautiful country in the heart of Africa. Since then, Kula has worked solely in Rwanda alongside the most remarkable woman and men who are doing everything in their power to create a life of peace and prosperity for their children. Read on!


Giveaway: On the go with Motorola Sphere+


On the occasion of the festive season, we teamed up with Sphere to gear your next adventures with the best tunes. By entering our GIVEAWAY two of you'll have the chance to win a Motorola Sphere+ with the color of your choice (black or white). The 2-in-1 bluetooth stereo speaker delivers your favourite tunes in full, bright and HD audio while you will experience epic freedom with the Motorola pulse Escape headphones! To participate and be the happy owner of the  Motorola Sphere+ do as follows: 1. follow Local's Lore and Motospheremax on Instagram. 2. regram one of the images of the "On the go with Motorola Sphere+" or "GIVEAWAY: On the go with Motorola Sphere+" lores with the color of your choice (black or white). Share it with the folllowing tags on your Instagram profile: #localslorexsphere #localslore. 3. answer the question as follows in the comment section on Local's Lore's Instagram profile: Where are you heading next with your Motorola pulse Escape headphones? Besides answering the question please tag your travel mate whom you'd like to be the other lucky winner. The giveaway starts on the 14th of November 2pm CET and ends on the 30th of November 2pm CET. The winners will be announced on the 30th of November 4pm CET here on the site. We wish you the best of luck!


On the go with Motorola Sphere+


The gadgets of our era are just getting smarter and prettier, and that's a fact. They can be both the perfect decoration for your stylish home or the ideal accessory to your outfit. No surpises that we would like to own the coolest and newest ones. Meet our newest addiction; The Sphere+ we have got to test during our weekend getaway. The 2-in-1 Bluetooth stereo speaker delivers your favorite tunes in full, bright and HD audio. To maximize your sound experience, the Sphere has an ergonomic 360 degree silhouette and 2 x 8 Watt bass porting speakers which brings your experience to a next level. Listen where ever and whenever you want to your favorite playlist through the stereo speaker or take of the headphone and listen privatly. Due to the built-in speakerphone you will be able to take call through the Sphere or lightweight headphone. Use whatever suites you the most. It’s simple, listen to music in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, wherever you want. Be loud on your own terms.

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Interview with Chloé Nègre


Founded in Paris in 2014, the Chloé Nègre Studio was born from a desire to create a research space for interior design projects, furniture creation and scenography. The studio’s mission is to invent spaces and identities unlike anywhere else. No conforming. No repetitions.While intuition leads to that first creative impulse, providing a vision of a space, the studio’s subsequent intervention process is to rigorously organise. The studio's recent project the Hotel Bienvenue (which is the hotel we are staying at the very moment so stay tuned, review is coming soon) is the work of Chloé Nègre, a former interior designer of the India Mahdavi Studio. We've talked about Paris, her dream project and much more. Read her inspiring thoughts and start planning our Parisian getaway.


Interview with Emmanuelle Simon


On the occassion of Maison & Objet we are flying to Paris in search of interior heaven. But already before taking off, we've fallen in love with the Paris-based designer, Emmanuelle Simon's Rakù-Yaki Cabinet Bar. And it turned out that she's a lot more to showcase. We've found Simon's project called La Chambre sur l'Eau' Bedroom, which she completed during the famed 'Design Parade', held annually by Villa Noailles in Hyères and Toulon located in the South of France. Emmanuelle not only has the eye for the right balance of being artsy yet standing with two feet on the ground, but an extremely sharp eye for detail. Set in a natural palette, one can easily pay attention to all the delicate details used for turning an empty space into a much coveted bedroom that would one spend a lifetime in. She's by the way got the city of Toulon Public Prize. Read her thoughts on being an interior designer, about the art of minimalism and Paris; the most inspiring city one can live in.

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Exploring Barcelona’s Jewelry Brand: Die Motte


With their face collection, the Barcelona-based brand, Die Motte pushes the boundaries of jewelry design. By creating one-of-a-kind handcrafted statement earrings the designer duo got instant attention not only locally. Anel and Astrid are the creators, whom are blessed with unique taste and a fresh eye for both creating and branding. Each piece has its story just like “Get a Bob”, which is an example of self-empowering; getting a new hairstyle, or whatever that changes your image, like a new pair of earrings. They represent being confident about yourself, and taking care of your desires. Get to know the jewelry designers, their daily source of inspiration and why living in Barcelona allows them to constantly thrive.

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Our homes matter: the ICFF impressions

We’ve just returned from the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), taking place at Manhattan's Jacob Javits Center. The three days was spent in the name of hunting trends and the feeling of being over-inspired. According to what we saw, the trend for brass fixtures continued and so did the heyday of innovative mirrors. This year's ICFF was exceptional both in quality and range. Here are some of our very favorites:

designnew york


Home Union announces it’s grand opening to the public in its new permanent home at 369 Hooper Street in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The 1000 square foot storefront will be opening on Friday June 2nd, and is set up to feel like your dream living room. The new store was catapulted by a successful year since Home Union’s conception, curated by Meghan Lavery and Daniel King. The store will showcase unique statement pieces of furniture and home goods spanning from mid-century to later 20th century designs. Home Union has also teamed up with a number of local companies to bring lovely accent pieces into your home. For this occasion we have interviewed the power-couple Meghan Lavery and Daniel King.

designnew york

Mother's Day lore: Henry Street Studio

United States

As handmade ceramics are having their moment, we brought you a very special story about Loren and Aliza Simons, the mother-daughter duo behind Henry Street Studio. Like mother like daughter - they say, which especially applies when they share both their passion and profession. Aliza and Loren function as a collaborative team; each piece is the work of two pairs of hands. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, we wanted to celebrate by sharing the lore behind their creative family initiative.


The Modern Hatmaker: Nomade Moderne


“The hat - in history a part of everyday life that has long since faded away.” This is exactly what the Vienna-based bespoke hatmaker studio is about to change, by taking this old craft to a whole new level.


the birth of local's lore: meet kiss miklos, the visual artist


Imagine that we are sitting around a huge virtual table (you, us, your friends, your family). It’s an international group of people that share travel stories over a good cup of coffee. You tell me about New York and I tell you about Riga, because that’s the place I call home despite being a digital nomad. So I busy take notes on the suggested galleries, third wave cafes, hidden take-away spots because I’m going to New York in two months. If your imagination is vivid, it’s exactly what happens when you enter the world of Local’s Lore. And we even placed these locations on the map for you. Thank to Miklos Kiss, Local’s Lore is not only functional but visually pleasing. Read the story behind it’s pretty interface.