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To participate and be the happy owner of the  “Get a Bob” silver earrings from Die Motte, get to know the designers behind the brand from our interviews first! In order to win: 1. follow Die Motte and Local's Lore on Instagram. 2. tag two friends of yours who’d love the earrings in the comment section on our Instagram page. 3. answer the question as follows in the comment section: What are some of the designer of Die Motte’s favourite places in Barcelona? A little help: the answers can be found in the interview in our lore section. The giveaway starts on the 25nd of July 2pm CET and ends on the 28th of July 2pm CET. The winner will be announced on the 28th of July 4pm CET.  We wish you the best of luck!

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Exploring Barcelona’s emerging jewelry scene: Die Motte

With their face collection, the Barcelona-based brand, Die Motte pushes the boundaries of jewelry design. By creating one-of-a-kind handcrafted statement earrings the designer duo got instant attention not only locally. Anel and Astrid are the creators, whom are blessed with unique taste and a fresh eye for both creating and branding. Each piece has its story just like “Get a Bob”, which is an example of self-empowering; getting a new hairstyle, or whatever that changes your image, like a new pair of earrings. They represent being confident about yourself, and taking care of your desires. Get to know the jewelry designers, their daily source of inspiration and why living in Barcelona allows them to constantly thrive.


An homage to Lanzarote and César Manrique

For someone who was born with a Scandinavian’s aesthetic approach and with a mentality of a Mediterranean, the island of Lanzarote may seem to be the perfect place to crash. Rightfully. And it’s not only about the magical landscape and warm-hearted people. There is actually a place in Europe where there’s no advertising – no washing powder billboards and no super hot swimwear posters at the bus stops are disturbing the scenic view. There are instead whitewashed villages, black volcanic landscapes, mountains, palm trees and the ocean that are pleasing our eyes constantly. Stepping feet in Lanzarote, a breathtaking landscape and the work of an amazing man, César Manrique unfolded right in front of us. Manrique - who’s the island’s favourite son - was a true multidisciplinarian: a painter, a sculptor, an architect, an ecologist, a landscape architect, and an urbanist with great influence on the archipelago’s current landscape. He designed a wonderful utopia for 142,132 people, who currently call the island “home”. It looks like that the ever-so-coveted beach destination, the Canary island is now rather famous of its eco-villages, cool surfing spots, and its genius visionary; César Manrique.

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The lore of San Francisco: Meet Justin C. Blomgren

There are so many things to love about San Francisco; everywhere you go there is a scenic vista of the skyline and the bay. Additionally, the city has some of the most beautiful parks, and it is where the city gathers as a community on those sunny days. Meet our local guide, Justin C. Blomgren who’s a California native with tremendous amount of love and talent for photography, always carrying his smile. Read on!


The lore of Orlando: Meet Sydney Norberg

We are happy to introduce our local guide, Sydney Norberg, who’s a super cool (and super young) wedding & portrait photographer based in Orlando, Florida. She’s happy to call her passion, her profession in the “City Beautiful”. Enjoy her beautiful imagery of wonderful people and the amazing beach backdrops while reading her story. If you are curious for more, check out our local guide, Sydney is showing us around her favourite places.


The World of Coffee Festival Budapest

Amongst other locations like restaurants, concept stores, take-away spots and museums, showcasing the speciality coffee scene as main focus on Local’s Lore, we have the feeling that it’s time to confess: we are officially coffee addicts and we could not wait to visit the World of Coffee Festival in Budapest. This special event is featuring an interactive exhibition with over 200 of the world’s most innovative coffee industry suppliers throughout three full days. Thrilling competitions, inspiring symposiums, seminars, educational workshops packed with social program and filled with plenty of entertainment, excitement and fun fringe events welcomed us. And of course, WOC is hosting some of the biggest coffee competitions in the world just like the World Brewers Cup Championship, The Latter Art Championship or the World Barista Championship. We also had the opportunity to meet roasters, farmers, cafes owners and manufacturers from around the world, while tasting the best caffeinated brews. Casino Mocca as a local micro roastery should be mentioned with its super cute booth stating “we make hungarian coffee famous”. Welcome to WOC!


Budapest Destinations: SZIMPLY + KONTAKT

Hidden in Röser courtyard downtown Budapest, Kontakt has been one of the city’s favorite coffee destinations for years. While focusing on speciality coffee, yet having tremendous love towards the art of eating breakfast (all they long), they felt the urge for creating a joint concept; coffee and breakfast. This is how Szimply came to life. The two spots that are literally facing each other are the fruitful initiative of a likewise cool couple, Anna and Peter. Read more about their Word of Coffee Festival program and future plans. PS get your Local’s Lore special breakfast-coffee combo at Szimply in July.


better together: the local's lore special

On the occasion of the World of Coffee Festival in Budapest, we teamed up with our favourite coffee-slash-breakfast-spot owners Anna and Peter behind Szimply and Kontakt for a very special dish. The Local’s Lore breakfast menu includes avo toast (avocado, apricot chutney, cascara caviar, aspargaus cream, cardamom-peanut butter) and cascara coffee.


Our homes matter: the ICFF impressions

We’ve just returned from the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), taking place at Manhattan's Jacob Javits Center. The three days was spent in the name of hunting trends and the feeling of being over-inspired. According to what we saw, the trend for brass fixtures continued and so did the heyday of innovative mirrors. This year's ICFF was exceptional both in quality and range. Here are some of our very favorites:



Home Union announces it’s grand opening to the public in its new permanent home at 369 Hooper Street in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The 1000 square foot storefront will be opening on Friday June 2nd, and is set up to feel like your dream living room. The new store was catapulted by a successful year since Home Union’s conception, curated by Meghan Lavery and Daniel King. The store will showcase unique statement pieces of furniture and home goods spanning from mid-century to later 20th century designs. Home Union has also teamed up with a number of local companies to bring lovely accent pieces into your home. For this occasion we have interviewed the power-couple Meghan Lavery and Daniel King.


icff new york 2017

The 29th annual ICFF is ON! North America’s premier showcase for contemporary design, the ICFF annually lures those in determined pursuit of design’s timely truths and latest trends to an encyclopedic exhibition of up-to-the-moment offerings, as well as a series of fascinating, fun, edifying programs, and a packed schedule of exhibits and features. ICFF hosts more than 700 exhibitors from more than 30 countries in 11 categories from furniture to materials to kitchen and bath to fabricators. We’ve got our Budapest ambassador, Tastecode checking in and sharing the coolest insights via Local's Lore's Instagram story feed. Follow her journey through the four-days-fair of ICFF, and read more about the coolest trends and highlights!

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Mother's Day lore: Henry Street Studio

As handmade ceramics are having their moment, we brought you a very special story about Loren and Aliza Simons, the mother-daughter duo behind Henry Street Studio. Like mother like daughter - they say, which especially applies when they share both their passion and profession. Aliza and Loren function as a collaborative team; each piece is the work of two pairs of hands. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, we wanted to celebrate by sharing the lore behind their creative family initiative.


The Budapest speciality coffee situation : Tamp & Pull

Would you’ve have guessed that Budapest’s been getting busy with its own specialty coffee scene since a couple of years now? Spending quality time at hip downtown cafés is already a part of the every-day life in the Hungarian capital thanks to passionate barista champions and brave entrepreneurs. To sort out more about the specialty coffee madness, we sat down with Dávid Nagy – entrepreneur and co-owner of Tamp & Pull and Kaffeine Espresso Bar, to talk about being a pioneer, while sipping one of the best flat white in town.


Coffee festival budapest

This weekend was all about coffee in Budapest at the spectacular building of the Museum of Applied Arts. The Budapest Coffee Festival took place in the masterpiece of Hungarian Art Nouveau for the very first time. The organisers aimed to showcase the recent years’ development of the coffee industry, creed and passion, and not least to present a delicious selection of coffee. Luckily our Budapest ambassador, Tastecode would never miss such an event, so we joined her.


They filter coffee not people - Jonas Reindl café

Opinions diverge on where to find the best coffee in Vienna – it’s currently a hotly debated topic and also a rather personal choice. For us, all ways lead to Jonas Reindl, the speciality coffeeshop right across the public transport hub, Schottentor. When we saw the statement "we filter coffee not people” at the entrance, we were sure we had come to the right place. This café attracts all types of people from across the city: coffee–addicts, locals, tourists and cake-lovers. Other than tasting the city’s best caffeinated liquid we came for the owner, Philip Feyer. We’ve been curious to hear his lore for a long time, luckily he did not resist.


the modern hatmaker: nomade moderne

“The hat - in history a part of everyday life that has long since faded away.” This is exactly what the Vienna-based bespoke hatmaker studio is about to change, by taking this old craft to a whole new level.

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The lore of Vienna: Meet Vicky Heiler

“Eating is always done at a large table with the whole family and many friends” — is the philosophy behind NENI where we caught up with Vicky Heiler for a quick but rather delicious lunch in-between two meetings. We’ve just got to know the whole story about the cool brothers and their mom running this culinary gem of Naschmarkt along with Nomade Moderne, the bespoke hat brand, which is Vicky’s favourite in Vienna. We are happy to introduce you our Vienna ambassador, who already took us to amazing places. She’s full of ideas what else we should see in our very tight 12-hours-stay in Vienna. She’s — just as much of a real local — a real traveler too, who’s been craving such guide as Local’s Lore for a long time.


London Coffee Festival insight by Davide Pastorino

Can you guess how exiting the London Coffee Festival - the UK’s largest coffee and artisan food event was? We heard it really was a blast. We had the pleasure at Local’s Lore that a real local, Davide Pastorino – our London ambassador behind PRESS Coffee & Co represented us. The vibrant event was all about a massive celebration in the name of specialty coffee, artisan food, world-class baristas, live music, educational programs and the best vibes. The festival was rather busy and hot — he said, but the atmosphere was nice as always. He also added that the festival was a bit more commercial than usual. Davide’s favourite part was meeting people from the industry and friends he met all over the world during coffee trips earlier.

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woman's day muse: laura berger

Chicago is a wonderfully diverse place with people from every corner of the world living here. That's my absolute favorite part about the city. The food scene and the architecture are incredible as a result, and we're also lucky to have the Art Institute which is (objectively!) one of my favorite museums I've visited -- it's become sort of a haven for me. I go there and instantly feel more centered and relaxed. I think there's also something to be said about the winters serving as inspiration, in a way. Winters here are usually quite rough and long, and there's nothing better for one's creative discipline than being holed up inside for several months!


the birth of local's lore: meet kiss miklos, the visual artist

Imagine that we are sitting around a huge virtual table (you, us, your friends, your family). It’s an international group of people that share travel stories over a good cup of coffee. You tell me about New York and I tell you about Riga, because that’s the place I call home despite being a digital nomad. So I busy take notes on the suggested galleries, third wave cafes, hidden take-away spots because I’m going to New York in two months. If your imagination is vivid, it’s exactly what happens when you enter the world of Local’s Lore. And we even placed these locations on the map for you. Thank to Miklos Kiss, Local’s Lore is not only functional but visually pleasing. Read the story behind it’s pretty interface.


The lore of Copenhagen: Meet Bee

Meet Bee, the full time dreamer and a real Copenhagener who’s cycling from one location to the other in her laid-back outfit, always carrying her camera. We met her at one of her number one spots called Cantina and talked about Scandinavian living. Read on and book your flight tickets right away to Kinfolk-land.



Other than the flavor of a cup of great coffee, the Counter Culture Coffee may sound familiar due to its sustainable and educational commitment. Probably there are a couple of places in New York where you feel like you’ve just had your number one coffee-experience on Earth: you either just had your ‘usual’ brewed with the most magical aftertaste, your long-awaited nutty-feel double espresso that fuelled you the whole day, or your cortado with the yummies steamed milk on top. Counter Culture is though a whole different level. It’s not a café, nor it is a retailer or a training center. It’s the ideal blend of all.



It’s time to say thank you and celebrate together the festive season and the birth of this beautiful interactive atlas. We have already received our biggest present this year: Local’s Lore.


The Lore of New York: Meet Melis

Few months after spotting Melis Lin’s Instagram page we’ve found ourselves sitting in the Oficina NYC, soho New York, talking about: traveling, cosmopolitan lifestyle, New York, coffee, and tales about Melis’ international life. Turned out that Melis has a lore to tell and quite a list of recommendations to share when it comes to hang out in New York.



Lore is regarded as a shared knowledge, a common set of traditions within a community that are spread through word of mouth. We believe that the lore is just as important as the places themselves, therefore we do not only take you to the desired locations, but as well slowly share the story behind them. Besides visual storytelling, our lore section aspires to present various personal perspectives that cultivate community, offer impressions of cities and access to the hidden jam of the local creatives’ lives. The lore of the locals is something that’s waiting to be shared.