Top 5 boutique hotels in Barcelona


Is there a travel destination that you find yourself returning to again and again? We have a few to be honest, but Barcelona is indeed on top. When interviewing the wonderful Hortense Giraud behind MYBARRIO the other week, we felt somewhat “homesick”. It was sort of a strong longing we suddenly felt towards Barcelona, this is why we decided to collect you our top 5 boutique hotel choices and inspire you to set feet in this ever-so-inspiring city. Our selection features second homes like Casa Boney, which has a wonderful restaurant too, Soho House famed for its stripy sun loungers and rooftop pool, or our newly discovered H10 Casa Mimosa steps away from Passeig de Gracia and of course, Margot House that truly stole our hearts. Booking your tickets yet?

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The lore of Sri Lanka: Meet Natasha Sand

Sri Lanka

Let us introduce our beloved ambassador for Sri Lanka, Natasha Sand whom we'd follow everywhere. And we guess so do you. In our interview with this wonderful person we touched topics like the future of tourism in Sri Lanka, secret surf spots, her roots, and seizing easy way of life. Born and raised in Norway until the age of 12, her family decided to move to Sri Lanka. Since two years, Natasha calls Sri Lanka her number one home; an untouched piece of magic. In Sri Lanka, everything moves in a slow pace, meaning there is no rush to get anywhere or get anything done, in other words it's proper island living. If you just travel from 30 minutes to 6 hours within the island, you can change the scenery completely. You've got the classic picture perfect beaches, the paddy fields, then there are the deep lush jungles with endless waterfalls, and all of a sudden you are climbing a mountain with epic views. Follow us to the paradise with Natasha, we've gone surfing!




Do you remember the interview with Alex and Lukas behind Forward Festival? We’re lucky enough not only to hold a keynote during the festival in Vienna, but to listen to great presentations by WGSN or Snøhetta amongst others. The latter was hold by Jette Hopp, who works as a Project Director and Senior Architect for Snøhetta. Since 2005 Jette is part of an interdisciplinary team at Snøhetta and works alongside graphic designers, architects, artists and researchers. Her inspiring talk touched upon topics like their one-of-a-kind company culture, which we believe is a great inspiration for all whom are building a creative business and a team around it. Jette also introduced us to some of their recent projects such as the reconstruction of Times Square or the ongoing “Svart” hotel project, which is going to be the world’s first Powerhouse hotel, at the foot of the Svartisen glacier in Norway.


MyBarrio: Curated design from Barcelona


Fancy to get an insight to Barcelona's creative scene? If so, you should definitely get to know MYBARRIO! MYBARRIO was born in 2016 with a simple Instagram account showing a personal curated selection of local designs and the lifestyle of the city of Barcelona. It’s was created for people in search of uniqueness and off the grid recommendations with a certain editorial line: aesthetic, fresh, organic, colorful, graphic! It’s a 360 degrees project in terms of creative disciplines such as fashion, design, art, architecture, photography and lifestyle. MYBARRIO ended up being a creative community of more than 30 000 design lovers, designers, artists, projects that share the same taste for a certain aesthetic that support the #shopsmall movement. It’s also recognized as a curated label that promotes, hunts and sells the best selection of local fashion, home decor, art & lifestyle of the city of Barcelona. MYBARRIO exists both offline, through the events but also online through the social media feed and soon the e-concept store. They organize original pop-up events to showcase and sell this selection in unique places of the city with a different concept and line up in each edition. Read our interview with lovely Hortense Giraud, the founder and curator of MYBARRIO.


Das Triest Vienna


Sleeping in a coach station can only bring mixed feelings we suppose; or even call them negative ones. But there is an exception, trust us; a former coach station turned into a luxurious design hotel called, Das Triest in one of our very favourite cities, Vienna. It got its name quite rightfully; it goes back to the days of Archduchess Maria Theresia, when the mail coach service between Vienna and Triest used to stop there to change horses. The former stables with their vaulted ceilings have been turned into spacious lounges, suites and seminar rooms with a very special flair. The hotel's name choice pays homage to the era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the 18th and 19th centuries, and the beautiful town in Italy. Created by the famed British designer, Sir Terence Conran + Conran & Partners, the hotel is an outstanding example of how to successfully incorporate modern elegance in a traditional building. A few steps from Karlsplatz, it was the first design hotel opened in 1995 in the Austrian capital featuring 72 rooms including 16 suites. We're lucky enough to enjoy the hotel's warm hospitality and timeless elegance the other week. The two garden suites provided us the perfect nest throughout the hectic days at Forward Festival in Vienna. Curious about our impressions?


From bar to fine dining: Innio


It seems that the world has always been well aware of Hungarian kitchen; just think of Goulash, deep-fried flat bread or stuffed cabbage, yet the need for a more refined approach to gastronomy has been missing for a long time. Located in Budapest downtown, one-minute walk from Basilica, Innio has joined the fine dining gastronomy scene in Budapest by shifting focus from bar to restaurant yet lifting its menu to a whole new level. Today's gastronomy scene loves blurring lines; at the cross point of lush flavours and art a match-made-in-heaven happened, or rather put it this way; is happening. We can call it attainable fine dining. A kind that we can experience in Scandinavia; honesty, purity and primary focus on ingredients could best describe it. The chefs Csaba Sajben and Szilard Toth are creating each dish as it was a piece of art; keeping the Hungarian roots yet enchanting them with a Scandinavian edge. How could one best describe INNIO? Well, it is most of all creative, has a refined signature cuisine with non-everyday combinations and thoughts. They prefer doing it the Nordic way by focusing on the essence of culinary experience. Its luxurious feel lies much more in the experience itself; each moment you're seizing while enjoying its savour than the price. Innio is providing you a laid-back bistro atmosphere and makes sure that you'll feel comfortable while enjoying the best service and mastering the art of (fine) dining.

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Forward Festival for creativity, design and communication


Our story with Forward Festival started a couple of months ago, whereas we stumbled upon Vienna's upcoming events. (As you may have noticed we have this thing going on with the city and in no time it became one of our number one destinations.) That's when we came across Forward Festival's website. The striking graphic design caught our immediate attention and we started to feel a sort of instant curiosity, like you'd wanted to be a part of something great. Their line-up already inlcluded names like Snøhetta, Space 10 or Ferry Gouw. So we got in touch with the guys behind Forward Creatives; Alex and Lukas, whom we happened to find quite a few crosspoints which resulted that Local's Lore is among this season's key not speakers in Vienna, Munich and Zürich. Forward brings together the best international and local creative heads, who provide insight into their success stories in an exciting atmosphere. The conference, the centerpiece of the festival, is accompanied by various side events, such as workshops, live art sessions and networking events. The idea behind Forward is to create a festival where the creative community can exchange opinions, inspire and learn from each other. Read the story behind their way to Forward Festival, it's inspirational!




Ubud, Bali is a peaceful, picture-perfect place for a dreamy holiday in the midst of the tropical paradise. A great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Dig a little deeper, while it seems like there are never ending activities and sights to see in Bali island, glamping – a portmanteau of glamour and camping – is where amazing Ubud’s nature meets the true luxury, might be a new, unfamiliar thing to try. It's a way to experience completely unique parts of Ubud without having to sacrifice creature comforts. There are two amazing places in Ubud to experience it, you can stay for one or more nights at Sandat Glamping Tents or you can do a riverside royal high tea at Escape Nomade Sanctuary. Are you ready for a tropical getaway far away from home?

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Need to refuel during Coachella? Here are the top 5 spots in LA!

United States

In need of a coffee break or a healthy meal between the Coachella line-up or just simply heading to LA and would like to hang out at the coolest places? We've collected you some of the local hotspots thank to our ambassador, Jordan Santos. Whether you are in LA for the California sun, Coachella - a weekend of incredible music headlined by Eminem, Beyoncé and The Weeknd, beautiful people or work, we have it covered for you; or at least your to go coffee, dining and shopping cravings. We're featuring LA as we thought that you guys deserve the year-round sunshine, the best eats and the best buys, and the best guide to the ever-so-stylish Los Angeles-way of living by Jordan. PS if you are ready to see what’s trending amongst locals head over to our Instagram as well. We've just hinted some more places.

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Dining in Soho: Le Coucou

United States

The vibrant Soho district’s famed culinary gem, Le Coucou has been on our list for a long time, apparently  even before our stay at 11 Howard last year. And so good it was; both the level of excitement and expectations were sky-high. Speaking of experience, the restaurant has quickly become one of the hardest tables to get in the city, but we’ve got lucky. Coincidence or destiny? You decide. In a lavish and enthusiastic manner, we’ve finally visited Le Coucou the other week, craving classic French cuisine the restaurant is renown for. The menu reflects the chef, Daniel Rose’s personal vision of classic French cuisine aimed at bringing great food and conviviality to the table. An exceptional menu, the lush list of wines and cocktails, paired with the utmost of hospitality, takes dining at Le Coucou to the next level.