Ready for some Melbourne Vibe?


Wondering if a 35-square-meter café in heart of Budapest can bring on the ultimate Melbourne vibe? My Little Melbourne — the pioneer specialty coffee shop is a pure Hungarian homage to Australian coffee culture. When it opened in 2012, My Little Melbourne was basically the first specialty coffee shops in Budapest. The Hungarian capital may not be most known for its incredible new-wave coffee scene, yet it’s indeed booming since a couple of years now, thanks to the experimental approach of the two visionaries Péter and Dia. Inspired by a memorable trip to Australia, My Little Melbourne is the result of owners Péter and Dia falling in love with the one-of-a-kind coffee culture in Melbourne, while visiting Dia’s relatives. They saw no other option than taking home a piece of Australia to Budapest — quite literally.   My Little Melbourne at Madách Square has in no time gained a cult following, and today it’s still one of the number one coffee brands in Budapest, operating a few branches across the city. It's famous for its flat white and Australian fuzzy drinks, laid back interior, as well as homemade sandwiches and pastries. Champion baristas prepare your choice of coffee drink from the single origin beans of a local micro roastery, Racer Beans and other international roasteries. Since it’s opening, it has been added a brew bar just next to My Little Melbourne and a barista training space in the basement as well. My Little Brew Bar focuses on the filtered coffee culture and offers Syphon, Chemex, Aeropress and Pour Over methods. Plus, the staff is extremely friendly, and the pastries are beyond delicious. Both cafes attract all types of people from across the city: coffee–addicts, locals, tourists and cake-lovers. Speaking of cake, the café offers a wide selection of vegan cakes options as well as plant-based milks. The sign "we love to make coffee for coffee lovers" says it all. PS Get prepared; it’s always busy!