The Ultimate Budapest View: Toprum SkyBar & Restaurant


Have you ever played tourist in your own city? Have you ever considered staying at your beloved hotel for a night and let it be your home away from home? What would be your most treasured local places to visit? For locals in Budapest, Hotel RUM and the hotel’s SkyBar, TOPRUM would undoubtedly be on the TOP of their lists. The bar-slash-restaurant offers a scenic view over the city while serving you the best of the flavours in terms of cocktail, brunch and dinner choices. Let's have some vacay moments in the heart of the city with the unmistakable TOPRUM vibe and Hotel RUM’s “ONE NIGHT RUMING” or “BUDAPEST AFFAIR” special offer. Have dinner or brunch at the top of the city or at the sister units of RUM and spend a night at Hotel RUM for half price!


Budapest Kinship


Kinship means blood relationship, but also a sharing of characteristics or origins; a feeling of being close or similar to other people, things or places. Budapest Kinship is a collaborative guide of like-minded friends being passionate about the art of making good food & coffee. Both Budapest’s gastro and coffee scene are thriving, and once you have a supportive circle of chef’s, baristas and visionary owners, collaborations such as Budapest Kinship evolve. From Lebanese flavors, through the most authentic Jamón toast to the best cold brews, we invite you to a journey to each of the nine hotspots of Budapest. And if for some reason, Budapest isn't on your travel bucket list yet, we'll help you pin it to the top. Follow along for an authentic Budapest experience powered by Local’s Lore.


What would life taste like without Salt? - Interview: Salt Budapest


You can open the menu to see what's coming, or leave the seal untouched and let the Salt Team surprise you. Whichever option you’re opting for, you definitely won’t be left untouched by the unworldly match of flavours-service-atmosphere. Salt Budapest was created on the foundations of the traditional Hungarian cuisine where Chef Szilárd Tóth’s kitchen herbs and wild plants play an important role. Thanks to their honest approach, Salt has instantly become one of Budapest’s most coveted restaurants. The unique interior also contributes to the Salt experience; the Chef’s table stands in the middle of the restaurant so that guests could easily have a few words with the hosts. Also, the two hosts – the Chef and the restaurant manager, Máté Boldizsár – often serve the dishes themselves. Both the service and the atmosphere of Salt feels so intimate that you’ll not only be overwhelmed with the flavours, but the fact that a whole team is working on the fullest experience you’re about to have in the next three-and-a-half-hours. It’s emotional, surprising, interactive and heavenly - all at once. The experience was indeed one of our fullest and most special so far; incredible flavours, close-to-nature approach. exceptional staff, the feeling of togetherness and phenomenal juice (and wine) pairings. We’ve got so much that we feel the least is an article to give back and also to recommend Salt from the bottom of our hearts. Read on to get to know Szilárd’s and Máté’s vision, and then go and visit Salt.


Interview with Photographer Muse: Marietta Varga


Photographer muse, Marietta Varga's sensitivity in the use of colours and spatial awareness help to create the unique atmosphere of her visual world. Her pictures often have strong symbolism where the viewers can find themselves in a strange surreal dream. Mariettas's visual world evokes a dream-like nostalgia thanks to its cinematic quality, use of pastels and perfectly composed urban settings with a touch of human presence on many of her images. We've sat down with Marietta to discuss the process to her extinctive visual style, the future of traditional photography and her own muses. Read on and don't shy away from indulge yourself in Marietta's dreamy imagery.


Ready for some Melbourne Vibe?


Wondering if a 35-square-meter café in heart of Budapest can bring on the ultimate Melbourne vibe? My Little Melbourne — the pioneer specialty coffee shop is a pure Hungarian homage to Australian coffee culture. When it opened in 2012, My Little Melbourne was basically the first specialty coffee shops in Budapest. The Hungarian capital may not be most known for its incredible new-wave coffee scene, yet it’s indeed booming since a couple of years now, thanks to the experimental approach of the two visionaries Péter and Dia. Inspired by a memorable trip to Australia, My Little Melbourne is the result of owners Péter and Dia falling in love with the one-of-a-kind coffee culture in Melbourne, while visiting Dia’s relatives. They saw no other option than taking home a piece of Australia to Budapest — quite literally.   My Little Melbourne at Madách Square has in no time gained a cult following, and today it’s still one of the number one coffee brands in Budapest, operating a few branches across the city. It's famous for its flat white and Australian fuzzy drinks, laid back interior, as well as homemade sandwiches and pastries. Champion baristas prepare your choice of coffee drink from the single origin beans of a local micro roastery, Racer Beans and other international roasteries. Since it’s opening, it has been added a brew bar just next to My Little Melbourne and a barista training space in the basement as well. My Little Brew Bar focuses on the filtered coffee culture and offers Syphon, Chemex, Aeropress and Pour Over methods. Plus, the staff is extremely friendly, and the pastries are beyond delicious. Both cafes attract all types of people from across the city: coffee–addicts, locals, tourists and cake-lovers. Speaking of cake, the café offers a wide selection of vegan cakes options as well as plant-based milks. The sign "we love to make coffee for coffee lovers" says it all. PS Get prepared; it’s always busy!


À la Maison Grand


Welcome our new addition to our favorite brunch spots! À la Maison Grand was founded in 2015 and has just recently moved to the very heart of Budapest; to the ground floor of a stunning Art Nouveau building (you may look up to its stunning mosaic embellished top and oversized windows) at Szervita tér, built in 1906. The bright, spacious café-slash-restaurant is filled with natural light and custom-designed furniture. We haven’t quite seen such a diverse brunch menu anywhere else, so you might take your time to indulge yourself in the detailed and vast choices. It’s recommended to reserve your table in advance as the the place has quickly become popular amongst local and modern-day-travelers alike.   Andrea, one of the founders envisioned a clear, sophisticated atmosphere when designing the interior of À la Maison Grand. Her aim was to create a place that stands out, and becomes an iconic spot in the heart of Budapest; to show a piece of her personal taste to the guests. White and grey dominates accompanied with brass the details. Thanks to the high-ceilings and mirrors the room feels both spacious and bright. The interior features plush chairs and comfortable, grey sofas. The pottery was chosen just as consciously; the Seltman Weiden porcelains belong to one of Germany’s oldest and most famous porcelain manufactory. They’re sorting porcelain since 1910 to the world’s best hotels and restaurants.


Four Seasons: Tea Afternoon


Do you fancy having an unforgettable festive experience that is both intimate, calming and luxurious? We certainly did, so on this occasion we switched from a brunch or lunch for something more sophisticated in the lavish surroundings of the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace in Budapest; a Tea Afternoon. It’s finally that time of the year again to have an excuse to celebrate the festive season in style. The perfect place to seize the season, Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest presents festive experiences such as Afternoon Tea. Advent Herend Afternoon Tea has been a stalwart of the Afternoon-tea scene for some years, as one of the hotel’s special offerings. At Four Seasons, they pay attention to every single detail; from the fresh pinewood scent, through prime service to the type of tea and the shape of cake is being served. To give the experience a dash of a local touch, the tea is served in the famous Herend Porcelain Manufactory’s hand-painted fine porcelain sets. While Four Season’s Herend Porcelain sets were made originally for the King and Queen of England as presents, Ronnefeldt Tea is known as one of the oldest tea companies in the world. The tea leaves are harvested by hand at the best times of the year and are processed with care and respect. Perfection – each cup of Ronnefeldt tea has a characteristic colour and flavour that make it a unique sensory experience.


Hotel Rum


When we’re asked to suggest a boutique hotel in Budapest, Hotel RUM pops immediately to our minds. This is the hotel that appeals the most to modern urban explorers, like us, like you. The hotel is perfect for those who are looking for a cozy, fun and vibrant hotel in the heart of the city. Each 40 rooms are different; furbished with Budapest-based designers’ and artist’s pieces, they made sure to have an authentic Budapest experience. The hotel brilliantly juxtaposes local furniture pieces with contemporary artworks and designer goods. Our favourite room called “Peacocks” is equipped with a fun peacocks-patterned carpet, highly coveted Position vases, a freshly painted art piece from Zsofi Barabas and a vintage dresser of our dreams. Wondering what’s the cherry on top? Hotel RUM’s Skybar, TOPRUM offers a scenic view over the city while serving you the best of the flavours in terms of cocktail- and dinner choices. Let’s take a tour, shall we?


VYF: Our number 1. Scarf Brand


Are you fond of silk scarves just like we are? The spectacular pieces of the Hungarian brand, VYF always belong to a limited collection of one-off pieces, made with the greatest care and biggest heart. The creative team of three keeps juxtaposing elements and themes of the traditional and modern, and melt them into dreamy silky surface. Although the prints are digital, the original samples are pretty much hand-made and going through several steps before production from drawing, to paper cuts to direct photographs. Many times ending up in a humorous and striking balance of authentic traditional styles and the modern digital world, by blurring the find line between the two. Placing and old concept into a new environment with some nostalgic memories hidden on the fabric has always been the brand’s specialty. Read on to find our Tamas Szecsi’s thoughts on VYF’s future and their story behind.


Zhao Zhou: Modern Tea Shop, Ancient Tea Leaves


In the 21st century boundaries have been blurred; between countries, cultures, coffee-drinkers and tea-drinkers. It goes much beyond simple rules or generalization. We’re becoming more and more curious, aware and are in constant search of experiences and wow-effects. It might doesn’t sound obvious, but tea can give you one of the deepest experiences. Especially if you are consuming the right one in the right place; like a cup of puer tea at Zhao Zhou Tea Shop & Lab, in Budapest.

18-Hotel_Moments-181 - lobby area

Hotel Moments Budapest Giveaway


To celebrate summer and the festival season, we have a big surprise for you! We have teamed up the Hotel Moments Budapest to give away a two-nights-stay for two during the period of Sziget Festival. By entering our GIVEAWAY one of you'll have the chance to win two overnights with breakfast at the wonderful Hotel Moments Budapest. Equipped with a huge window, lush designer furniture and hip bathroom you will be experiencing one of your best hotel adventures ever. The hotel is not least located on Andrássy Avenue, in the heart of Budapest just an armsight away from the city's hotspots. Fixed dates for the rooms: 8-10th of August, 2018    ----------     To participate and be the happy winner do as follows: 1.  Follow Local's Lore and Hotel Moments Budapest on Instagram and Facebook. 2. Tell us with whom you would like to stay at the hotel in the comment section on Instagram. 3. The winner will be asked to share a story of her/his journey in Budapest as using our Budapest guide and tag @localslore and @hotelmomentsbudapest on Instagram. 4. Tell a friend to enter too and double your chances!   The giveaway starts on the 14th of June 2pm CET and ends on the 28th of June 2pm CET. The winners will be announced on the 28th of June 4pm CET here on the site, in the "Guide to Budapest during Sziget Festival" lore. We wish you the best of luck and the best summer to come!


Guide to Budapest during Sziget Festival


If Budapest isn't on your travel bucket list yet, we'll help you pin it to the top. First of all, it's soon Sziget Festival, and secondly, it's an awesome city. Craving proof? Let our lovely ambassador, Adrienn showing you around in the city she calls home, despite of being a globetrotter. Since a few years now, Budapest is having its heyday, thanks to its flourishing gastronomy scene, ruin pubs, thermal baths and creative industry; just think of Mák, Zona or Szimply and famed brands like Nanushka. Adrienn is a digital nomad commuting between New York and Budapest, yet she loves seizing every moment of her time spent in the Hungarian capital. She knows well where to get the best coffee or grab a take-away snack and also where to go when you wish to refresh your home or wardrobe. Being a hospitality- and design expert allows her to recommend you places that are real visual treasures too, such as Hotel Moments Budapest, or your breakfast plate at Szimply. On the occasion of Sziget Festival, we've collected you some must see and try hotspots for your stay. Walk along, guys!


Relaxed Fine Dining: Interview with Mák


Visiting MÁK (means poppy seed in Hungarian) has been on our list for a long time. Actually we still cannot decide whether tasting their exceptional menu was more enjoyable or watching their, and especially the chef's János Mizsei's precision in the kitchen (yes, we made it behind the scenes). MÁK’s concept is to offer state-of-the-art gastronomy to foodies from all walks of life, in a relaxed unpretentious atmosphere. It counts as a real pioneer in Hungary's fine dinding scene. The chef of MÁK, János Mizsei, at a remarkable chef who has won several awards and has been praised by international publications such as The New York Times, the Michelin Guide, Time Out and Lonely Planet. He loves playing with different textures, acids and unusual combinations of ingredients. While respecting the culinary traditions of Hungary and local ingredients, MÁK’s style of creation and presentation as well as simplicity can be originated from the best practices of Scandinavian cuisine. We've got to talk with János shortly about his current favourite ingredients, his impressions of Daniel Berlin Krog and fine dining in general. Don't miss MÁK when you are in Budapest!

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 17.13.34

Starring art: Tobe Gallery


For those that are traveling, commuting or even often relocating their bases one of the best way to connect with (local) people is going to gallery openings. The joy of discovering hidden art galleries in a city is actually one of our favourite parts when it comes to traveling. TOBE Gallery in Budapest is one those places. The gallery started in October 2013 with the aim to provide the opportunity to present Ibero-American and Hungarian artists. The purpose with this new venue in the fine art photography and collage art field, in the city of Budapest, is to look for a newer dialogue, a different point of view, with a different way to express and communicate photography as art. Bea and Tomas (the couple behind TOBE) want to put contemporary photography in an upper level, to give to photography a value. A value, which means that photography can be collectible and it can be a design element with which people can live in their own space. Read their inspirational thoughts on Hungary's art scene, their favourite place for inspiration; Miami, and find out more about their recent trip to Milan Photo Fair.


Tea Afternoon with TEALEAVES


Do you have those secret cravings that you keep to yourself for a while and get really excited when it's suddenly about to come true? A tea afternoon in the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest was on our bucket list for some time. The timing was just right; the hotel was graced with lavish Christmas decoration and the temperature was just as cold that you could not wish for anything but a sip of a good tea. Herend Afternoon Tea, served every day from 3:00 to 6:00 pm at the Lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest, is an ideal occasion for reaching inner calmness to the tone of live piano music. An elegant Herend porcelain table setting with bountiful bites and a cup of tea from Tealeaves set the ultimate mood for afternoon relaxation at the Gresham Palace. Thanks to a careful selection, we have enjoyed the fullest flavors in an astonishing setting. Ready for a cup of tea by Tealeaves?


Brunch in Budapest: SZIMPLY + KONTAKT


Hidden in Röser courtyard downtown Budapest, Kontakt has been one of the city’s favorite coffee destinations for years. While focusing on speciality coffee, yet having tremendous love towards the art of eating breakfast (all they long), they felt the urge for creating a joint concept; coffee and breakfast. This is how Szimply came to life. The two spots that are literally facing each other are the fruitful initiative of a likewise cool couple, Anna and Peter. Read more about their Word of Coffee Festival program and future plans. PS get your Local’s Lore special breakfast-coffee combo at Szimply in July.


Better Together: The Local's Lore special


On the occasion of the World of Coffee Festival in Budapest, we teamed up with our favourite coffee-slash-breakfast-spot owners Anna and Peter behind Szimply and Kontakt for a very special dish. The Local’s Lore breakfast menu includes avo toast (avocado, apricot chutney, cascara caviar, aspargaus cream, cardamom-peanut butter) and cascara coffee.