Relaxed Fine Dining: Interview with Mák


Visiting MÁK (means poppy seed in Hungarian) has been on our list for a long time. Actually we still cannot decide whether tasting their exceptional menu was more enjoyable or watching their, and especially the chef's János Mizsei's precision in the kitchen (yes, we made it behind the scenes). MÁK’s concept is to offer state-of-the-art gastronomy to foodies from all walks of life, in a relaxed unpretentious atmosphere. It counts as a real pioneer in Hungary's fine dinding scene. The chef of MÁK, János Mizsei, at a remarkable chef who has won several awards and has been praised by international publications such as The New York Times, the Michelin Guide, Time Out and Lonely Planet. He loves playing with different textures, acids and unusual combinations of ingredients. While respecting the culinary traditions of Hungary and local ingredients, MÁK’s style of creation and presentation as well as simplicity can be originated from the best practices of Scandinavian cuisine. We've got to talk with János shortly about his current favourite ingredients, his impressions of Daniel Berlin Krog and fine dining in general. Don't miss MÁK when you are in Budapest!

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Starring art: Tobe Gallery


For those that are traveling, commuting or even often relocating their bases one of the best way to connect with (local) people is going to gallery openings. The joy of discovering hidden art galleries in a city is actually one of our favourite parts when it comes to traveling. TOBE Gallery in Budapest is one those places. The gallery started in October 2013 with the aim to provide the opportunity to present Ibero-American and Hungarian artists. The purpose with this new venue in the fine art photography and collage art field, in the city of Budapest, is to look for a newer dialogue, a different point of view, with a different way to express and communicate photography as art. Bea and Tomas (the couple behind TOBE) want to put contemporary photography in an upper level, to give to photography a value. A value, which means that photography can be collectible and it can be a design element with which people can live in their own space. Read their inspirational thoughts on Hungary's art scene, their favourite place for inspiration; Miami, and find out more about their recent trip to Milan Photo Fair.


Tea Afternoon with TEALEAVES


Do you have those secret cravings that you keep to yourself for a while and get really excited when it's suddenly about to come true? A tea afternoon in the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest was on our bucket list for some time. The timing was just right; the hotel was graced with lavish Christmas decoration and the temperature was just as cold that you could not wish for anything but a sip of a good tea. Herend Afternoon Tea, served every day from 3:00 to 6:00 pm at the Lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest, is an ideal occasion for reaching inner calmness to the tone of live piano music. An elegant Herend porcelain table setting with bountiful bites and a cup of tea from Tealeaves set the ultimate mood for afternoon relaxation at the Gresham Palace. Thanks to a careful selection, we have enjoyed the fullest flavors in an astonishing setting. Ready for a cup of tea by Tealeaves?


The World of Coffee Festival Budapest


Amongst other locations like restaurants, concept stores, take-away spots and museums, showcasing the speciality coffee scene as main focus on Local’s Lore, we have the feeling that it’s time to confess: we are officially coffee addicts and we could not wait to visit the World of Coffee Festival in Budapest. This special event is featuring an interactive exhibition with over 200 of the world’s most innovative coffee industry suppliers throughout three full days. Thrilling competitions, inspiring symposiums, seminars, educational workshops packed with social program and filled with plenty of entertainment, excitement and fun fringe events welcomed us. And of course, WOC is hosting some of the biggest coffee competitions in the world just like the World Brewers Cup Championship, The Latter Art Championship or the World Barista Championship. We also had the opportunity to meet roasters, farmers, cafes owners and manufacturers from around the world, while tasting the best caffeinated brews. Casino Mocca as a local micro roastery should be mentioned with its super cute booth stating “we make hungarian coffee famous”. Welcome to WOC!


Brunch in Budapest: SZIMPLY + KONTAKT


Hidden in Röser courtyard downtown Budapest, Kontakt has been one of the city’s favorite coffee destinations for years. While focusing on speciality coffee, yet having tremendous love towards the art of eating breakfast (all they long), they felt the urge for creating a joint concept; coffee and breakfast. This is how Szimply came to life. The two spots that are literally facing each other are the fruitful initiative of a likewise cool couple, Anna and Peter. Read more about their Word of Coffee Festival program and future plans. PS get your Local’s Lore special breakfast-coffee combo at Szimply in July.


Better Together: The Local's Lore special


On the occasion of the World of Coffee Festival in Budapest, we teamed up with our favourite coffee-slash-breakfast-spot owners Anna and Peter behind Szimply and Kontakt for a very special dish. The Local’s Lore breakfast menu includes avo toast (avocado, apricot chutney, cascara caviar, aspargaus cream, cardamom-peanut butter) and cascara coffee.


The Budapest Speciality Coffee Situation : Tamp & Pull


Would you’ve have guessed that Budapest’s been getting busy with its own specialty coffee scene since a couple of years now? Spending quality time at hip downtown cafés is already a part of the every-day life in the Hungarian capital thanks to passionate barista champions and brave entrepreneurs. To sort out more about the specialty coffee madness, we sat down with Dávid Nagy – entrepreneur and co-owner of Tamp & Pull and Kaffeine Espresso Bar, to talk about being a pioneer, while sipping one of the best flat white in town.


Coffee Festival Budapest

This weekend was all about coffee in Budapest at the spectacular building of the Museum of Applied Arts. The Budapest Coffee Festival took place in the masterpiece of Hungarian Art Nouveau for the very first time. The organisers aimed to showcase the recent years’ development of the coffee industry, creed and passion, and not least to present a delicious selection of coffee. Luckily our Budapest ambassador, Tastecode would never miss such an event, so we joined her.